23 Weeks


Two observations:

1) I seriously need to invest in some cheerier clothing, sheesh, all of my clothes are so dark!

2) I swear this dress used to be an appropriate length for work.

This past week (23 weeks) has been a major “transition” week for babe and I in the sense that it’s the first week of the pregnancy so far that I’ve actually felt pregnant. I’ve been getting bigger for a while now, and had some very minor symptoms, but it hasn’t been until this past week that I’ve actually noticed myself slowing down getting in and out of cars, going up and down stairs, carrying things, even laying on the couch sometimes!

It was a great run while it lasted! LOL

I’m so happy to report that my head has been in a much better place this week, and all of those overwhelming emotions from last week are long-gone. Ahh perspective.

I’ve discovered the trick to maternity clothes shopping is online, and I’ve also discovered that returning items you buy online isn’t as colossal a pain as I had built it up to be in my head. I’ve been cheerily doling out my credit card number to anyone who wants it online for the past week and have finally had some luck with a few maternity pieces!

So far, the verdict on maternity clothes is:

Maternity dresses: yes – but not too tight (nobody needs to see that much detail)

Maternity t-shirts: OH BABY YES – I love these things! The previously hated ruched cotton is a god-send, and I’m SO relieved to finally have shirts that are long enough! More, more, give me more!

Maternity pants: I hate you and always will

Maternity shorts: I hate you and will until I find the right pair. Or maybe I always will.

Lululemon non-maternity shorts: My one-true love…..I knew you wouldn’t let me down…

Lululemon non-maternity leggings: See above comment

Lululemon non-maternity cool racer back tank tops: See above comment

All I can say is it’s a darn good thing I’m pregnant in the Summer months. Much respect to pregnant mamas trying to survive the winter in pants / jeans all the time.


Nesting this week has mostly been in our backyard actually, and Matt’s been leading the charge! Back in the winter, he came up with the idea to rip out and replace our god awful, builders grade patio stones in the back and put in some nice interlocking stones.

I basically avoid our backyard at all times because it’s an untamed jungle and I just can’t deal with that nonsense (seriously, it’s enough for me to keep my house clean and somewhat organized, outdoor space = no), so was fairly indifferent to the idea at the time, but I have to admit that the guy has been working his tail off, and the finished product is one that actually makes me want to spend some time out there (you know – once the stones are all cleaned up and the furniture is back out)! Check it out!


Inside the house, I attacked the upstairs closets this weekend and gee golly it’s a behemoth of a task. Allow me to explain.

When we moved into our house 4+ years ago, I quickly monopolized the entire closet in our master bedroom (allocating poor Matt a tiny fraction of the closet space for his nice shirts and suits), and soon found myself busting at the seams even while using both sides of the “his and hers” closet. I struggled along for a few months before deciding, to hell with it, I’ll just use the closet in the office as well!


So now – we’re at the point where I’m busting at the seams in essentially THREE FULL CLOSETS, and shit has just gotten WAY out of control. Our guest bedroom closet is still empty (at least from clothes), but there are tons of odds and ends stored in there (suitcases, our vacuum cleaner, duvets etc etc). SO the master plan is:

  1. Sara to get her life together and purge half of her clothes so that they fit in the master closet and PART of the guestroom closet
  2. Free up the office closet completely for babe’s clothes, and all of his paraphernalia to be stored in one place
  3. Purge / organize the stuff currently in the guestroom closet to make room for Sara’s extra clothes

Sounds simple in theory, but my god there’s a lot of stuff in those closets (the office one in particular is the biggest gong show – I literally found an old Halloween ceramic house in there that I had bought at some point and never got around to putting out…..). I took a first run at it on Saturday with the intention of getting it all done in one day, but tired quickly and only made it through a partial purge of the office / guestroom closets and one trip to the dump………it’s a work in progress.

Apart from nesting, the other biggest change this past week has been in my appetite.

You guys. I am unstoppable.

When my brother was going through his cancer treatment, at one point they put him on steroids to boost up his body in preparation for the incredibly invasive and grueling stem cell transplant that he needed. When he was on the steroids, he once said to me “Sara, the sky is the limit, there is no limit to how much I can eat!” He was eating about 8 full meals a day – and his stomach would still ache with hunger pains!

Friends, this is how I’m feeling these days.

I no sooner finish eating then I’m planning the next meal or snack or whatever it may be. I am out of control! I attribute this partially to what Baby Centre tells me is a baby growth spurt around this time in the pregnancy, and partially to the fact that I just like eating and food is yummy. I need to seriously get it together though, I know it isn’t good for babe or for me to be eating too much.

Wah wah wah.

My last update from this week was that we had our 24 week midwife check-in on Monday (right at the tail-end of 23 weeks), and got our requisition for my gestational diabetes screening test, which I’ll be doing this weekend. I’m a bit petrified that this will come back positive, and will mean the end of my sugar consumption for the rest of the pregnancy (HORROR OF ALL HORRORS). Think un-sugary thoughts for me this weekend, will you?

Babe was being a little monkey at our midwife appointment and was scurrying all over my belly trying to get away from the Doppler machine (the little handheld unit that they use to listen to the heartbeat). Apparently the midwife could actually SEE babe through my skin scurrying around! He’s clocking in around 1.3 – 1.5 pounds this week, and is roughly the length of an ear of corn (says Baby Centre)….we’re getting there!

Overwhelming emotion of the week is gratitude. So many of my friends and family members are dealing with real hardship and struggle right now, and I really can’t put into words the gratitude that things have gone so well for us to this point.

See you on the other side of 6 months! Crazy daisy!

-Sara & Babe xo



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