21 Weeks


Alright, well let’s just start off by addressing the elephant in the room. And I’m not just talking about myself.

I crack myself up….

I am carrying ABSURDLY low, am I right?!

Comparable pregnant mamas around my stage in pregnancy are rocking these round, perky, basketball shaped bumps right up under their rib cages, but me and Babe? We just look like some 50 year old guy that’s been drinking beer and eating hot dogs in his mama’s basement for the past 5 months! Sheesh!

Jokes aside, the fact that I’m carrying so low is causing me major grief in the gym these days, particularly in BodyAttack with all of the running and bouncing. Ultimately I think that the growing pressure / pain my pelvis is going to mean a much earlier departure from teaching Attack then I had initially hoped for. I’ve also been having some mild – moderate mid-back pain towards the end of my work day after sitting at my desk for the majority of the day.

The silver lining is that BodyStep and BodyPump are still feeling totally great, and I am okay for at least part of the Attack class (it’s more towards the end of the class after we’ve been jumping / running / bouncing for a while that the pain / pressure is starting to settle into my pelvis), so it’s not like I’ll be on a total ban from Attack either.

Believe it or not – I’m at peace with how things are progressing in the gym, for better or worse, and I’m resigned to make the absolute most of what I can do! Really!

Week 21 was another emotional roller coaster, and another productive one at that! I worked from home last Friday while we had our carpets deep steam cleaned and our vents / duct work cleaned as well. I was in the house for a little bit before kind of freaking out that I probably shouldn’t be around the noise / chemicals and barricading myself at our patio table in the back yard until I left to go and sub a BodyPump class.

I should mention that the lovely gentleman cleaning the carpets actually volunteered to drink the carpet cleaning solution in front of me because “that’s how safe it is Miss! 100% plant-based, non-toxic, seriously, look!”

I stopped him before shit got out of hand, don’t worry ;).

The other exciting happening from Friday afternoon was that OUR STROLLER CAME IN!! Wahoo!! We zipped right over to Snuggle Bugz to pick it up, and having it down in our basement is so exciting!!

Oh the things that now get me excited….how times have changed 🙂

Anyways, Saturday after my class Matt and I attacked the clutter in our basement with a passionate vengeance. This nesting stuff is the real deal, I’m telling you. I’ve never been so ruthless with purging in my life. I barely have to lay a hand on something in our house before it’s being tossed out the door. Matt had to wrestle his glasses away from me while I was on one of my tears through the book shelf. We ended up taking over 100 pounds of STUFF out of our basement and over to the dump on Saturday afternoon!

Nesting = 1

Clutter = 0

We still have a lot of purging to do both in the basement and especially in our storage room, but I can see the basement starting to take shape, and being down there doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to pass out from the stress of it all anymore. We have a ton of furniture that needs to come downstairs from our current office (and future baby room!), so we need as much space as we can get in there.

We had a pretty quiet night on Saturday, stayed in and made some “fancy food” (i.e. steak and seafood), and I was (as per usual) asleep by 10:30pm. My energy levels have been great during the day, and I basically feel like myself all the time, with the exception of the evenings, when I’m zonked and ready for bed by 9pm most nights.

Matt would roll his eyes and say that nothing has changed since before I was pregnant in this regard, but I’m the author, so I’ll write MY version of it 😉

Sunday, we did some more running around, including a stop at Babies ‘R Us to check out some of their crib options. We’ve had a favourite crib for a while now, but it isn’t sold in Canada in the right colour for us (white).

Seriously, who doesn’t make a baby crib in WHITE?! WTF?!

I’ve been calling everyone and their brother trying to find some way to get a white one shipped to Canada, but unfortunately it just seems to be impossible. So, I resigned myself to a second choice (still lovely), by the same manufacturer (Baby Cache), and in the end, I’m just as happy with the one that we picked.

We took my parents (who generously had offered to buy us the crib and our nursery room furniture) over to Leons and The Brick to show them a few other options on Monday night, and ultimately all agreed that the Babies ‘R Us crib was the nicest option. So we pulled the trigger on it – and the crib, dresser and change-top have all been ordered! WAHOO!

In a time when I feel like I can control so, so little, it does feel good to focus on the things that I can control / prepare for (or at least, that I feel I can prepare for). I’ve been reading a few different books about baby care and the 2nd / 3rd trimester of pregnancy (sheesh – why do they all make the 3rd trimester sound so scary?).

I’ve made the comment a couple of times that “I can’t wait for babe to be born so that I can stop living in fear every moment!”; which always makes moms laugh out loud. I know that the real worrying begins once your baby is outside of your body, but I have to say that I honestly can’t imagine living in more fear then I have been for the past 5 months.

I am not exaggerating when I say that 60 seconds does not go by in a day where I’m not thinking about / hoping that everything is okay with little babe. I am still hoping to make some progress in letting go of some of this over the coming months. I don’t want to raise a worrywart of a child, I really don’t, so I know I need to toughen up a bit 😉

It’s been a while since I mentioned food cravings (of which, I really haven’t had many to speak of), but I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve been loving anything HOT, HOT, HOT lately. Not spicy hot, I’m talking TEMPERATURE hot.

I think this started off with a fear of listeria and food-borne illness, and resulted in me cooking / heating the life out of my food, but now it’s gotten a little out of hand LOL Matt had to have a “serious-face” microwave intervention with me just yesterday when I gave a couple of chicken thighs and some green beans 4 minutes in the microwave…. LOL

I die….

Apart from this, I’m in a bit of a Cobs Bakery scone phase (I call BS on this being a pregnancy craving, those things are just damn delicious and I would never have let myself have them previously), and I randomly picked up and ate a Mr. Big chocolate bar from the grocery store this weekend.

Who do I think I am over here?!

Well – this post is turning into a behemoth, so I guess we’ll sign-off for this week. Week 22 is one that I’ve (randomly) been looking forward to for a while – and I’m looking forward to more purging this weekend.

Out of the way….nesting ninja coming through…..

Have a fabulous week!

-Sara & Babe xo



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