20 Weeks

20 Weeks

It seems as though my jersey wearing days are nearing their end….I think once the colour of your skin starts to show through the holes in the jersey, that you’re probably encroaching on “too tight” territory! LOL

Babe and my 20th week has been fairly smooth, the long weekend was a productive one for Matt and I as we finally got to get over to Snuggle Bugz and complete our registry there, and more importantly, picked out our gorgeous stroller and car seat! Wahoo! For some reason the stroller / car seat was really weighing on my mind as something I wanted to figure out on the double, so that felt pretty good to get sorted out.

I had a close encounter with a chipmunk on the weekend (seriously….don’t ask)….my crazy cat Blake had proudly dragged a bedraggled chipmunk into my parents as a prize for my mom, but when he dropped it at her feet, it jumped up and ran away in the house…. since I was the only one around to feed Blake this weekend, I was the one that had to find and free him from one of the traps they had set to try and catch him….I later nearly had heart failure because I never thought about virus risks from being exposed to wild chipmunks up close and personal, but hopefully all is well. Chippy lived to tell the tale and was set free outside, in case you were wondering…. lol 😉

We (read: I) also made some progress emptying a few things out of our basement…..but there’s still so much to do down there that it’s hard to feel like that was a victory at this point! We are having someone in to clean our vents and deep steam clean all of the carpets in our house (including the basement) this Friday; so we do need most of our stuff up and off the floor in the basement by then.

I’ve been feeling Babe more and more these days which is pretty funny; the most amusing part to me is his affinity to music! The times when he is most active are when I’m listening to music either in the car, or when I’m laying down or sitting still somewhere and there’s a TV on with music playing. It really cracks me up! He particularly seems to like Les Mills music (surprised? I wasn’t either), and gets pretty excited when I turn on my release music in the car en route somewhere or other. The sweet interpretation (courtesy of Matt) says that maybe he can tell that mama is happiest when she’s grooving to this music and that makes him happy! The anxious interpretation (courtesy of me) says that maybe he gets anxious when the music comes on because he doesn’t like the way I jump around when it’s on???

Sheesh…. 😉

In any case, it is a pretty big relief to be able to feel kicks throughout the day, and serves as a pretty effective ease for my mind that he’s doing alright in there and is still kickin’. Literally.

Next task on our list is to sort out a crib and nursery room furniture and get that stuff ordered / figured out. We also have some work to do sorting out what theme / design we want for the nursery….fun, fun, fun!! 😀

This week I’ve found my anxiety decreasing a little bit (not completely by any means, but headed in the right direction), but some new issues with body image coming to the forefront. To be honest, I’m totally perplexed by this whole pregnancy thing and what it means for my body. I still don’t feel like I really look obviously pregnant, which makes me a bit sad and uncomfortable, but I am definitely putting on weight, and just feeling like a bit of a stranger in my own body. I find myself more often than not dressing to try and hide my belly, as opposed to show it off. I’m still wearing my own clothes, but find maternity pants so, super uncomfortable (seriously – I JUST HATE THEM), that I hardly wear pants anymore at all, with the exception of leggings and Lululemon pants. I’m also definitely starting to slow down in my classes (at least in BodyAttack for sure anyways) as well, and feeling a bit sad about that.

I think I had an idea of what it would be like to be pregnant purely from a vain / cosmetic standpoint, but in reality, the way that my body is adapting to the whole thing is nothing like I had pictured.

As Matt once said about me, “You’re totally cool, as long as nobody messes with your ducks”.


And these days, I feel like I don’t even know if my ducks are all in the same pond, let alone in the neat little row that I had arranged them in!

In any case, I’m doing the best I can, trying to play it safe in the gym and dressing the best way that I can for right now. At the end of the day, all of this stuff is totally insignificant, and doesn’t really matter worth a damn to me, as long as sweet little babe is doing alright and progressing well in there.

This coming week should be a pretty Vanilla one (here’s hoping anyways!), with weekend plans to do some more work in the basement and hopefully finalize our crib / nursery furniture selection! I just can’t believe that by this time next week, we’ll be at the end of 21 weeks, and at the end of May! I know that the next couple of weeks are really critical ones for babe’s development, so I’m really focused on eating as well as I can and getting enough sleep etc etc

Hope you’ve all had a great Victoria Day weekend – only 2 more days until the next one!

-Sara & Babe xo


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