9 Weeks


Time is flying by, and crawling all at the same time! I’m writing this post at the very end of our 9th week, so technically week 10 starts tomorrow…..double digits…umm….what???

This week has been a huge one, and once again, a very challenging one in it’s own way. I managed to shake the horrible virus that had sunk its teeth into me for the past 2+ weeks, and had about 3 days of reprieve. I did a couple of workouts at home, even went in to the gym to do half of a BodyPump class (before I started to get anxious and called it just after the tricep track). All in all, although the fatigue and mild nausea was still there, I was starting to feel a bit more like a human; yay!

And then….I got sick again.

I think I was in denial at first because I just don’t understand how it happened. Not more than 3 days after feeling better, my throat started to ache, and I developed this wicked, rattly cough that I’ve never had before. It’s gotten progressively worse all week, and today (Saturday), I’ve been basically couch-bound all day again trying to keep it together. I finally cracked and took one Tylenol Extra-Strength for the pounding in my head and searing pain in my throat.

I’m trying to change my perspective and to be a bit more positive about the health challenges that I’ve faced so far in my pregnancy. We are so lucky to be pregnant. This is all that I’ve ever wanted; to be pregnant naturally, without medical intervention, and to carry a healthy, happy baby. And here I am! I’m trying really hard to fully embrace the lesson that this pregnancy isn’t about me. It’s nothing to do with me, or my body or frankly what I want to do right now at all. It’s about me carrying our sweet little babe to term and bringing them into this world.

SO….on the health front….it’s back to the couch, and the orange juice, and the steaming bowls of hot water….oh and Manuka honey has been a bit of a god-send for my throat too!

So aside from being sick, this week has been totally amazing because we had our ultrasound on Thursday……….and got to see our little babe’s  sweet heartbeat!!! I nearly had a heart attack leading up to the ultrasound; I was so terrified that they would tell me that they couldn’t find a heartbeat, or that little babe hadn’t grown properly or something like that, but as usual; the things I was worried about never came to fruition.

I went in to the ultrasound room alone at first, and my ultrasound technician had the stone face of a judge. I lasted all of about 45 seconds before I burst out asking what she could see and if everything looked okay. I was hoping that we could hear the heartbeat at this appointment, but she told me that this clinic isn’t equipped to listen to heartbeats like that, BUT, she could see the heartbeat clearly on the ultrasound. That was an enormous relief to me!!

She pressed around on my belly for several minutes, finally telling me that the heartbeat was well within the normal range at 156 beats per minute, and that she dated our pregnancy at 9 weeks 6 days (about 3 days further along then the dating I’ve been following). Matt finally got to come into the room and she turned the screen towards us both so that I could see, and right away we all burst out laughing because little babe’s legs were just kicking away like a maniac in there!!! We could clearly see the head and the little arms and legs, but of course no distinguishing features at this point.

It totally warmed my heart to lay eyes on babe, and to see how excited Matt was to see him too (still convinced that it’s a boy over here!). I just can’t wait until we get a bit further along and can see more details in there!

On the food front, I’m still liking the egg and cheese sandwiches; but that love has given way to a new one: chicken wraps. I’m talking ANY KIND of chicken in a wrap. Grilled chicken, fried chicken, breaded chicken, ground chicken, pulled chicken…….wrap that stuff up in a tortilla and I am one happy Sara these days. TOO funny. I had this Buffalo Chicken Wrap at Turtle Jacks this week at work, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, to the point that I begged my friends to go to Turtle Jacks for lunch this weekend so that I could get it again.

I’m going to work a little bit harder to get more vegetables and immune boosting foods into my diet; since I’ve been feeling so terrible, honestly these past several weeks it’s been more about getting any food that’s easy into me, and I haven’t had the energy or the will to make any elaborate / overly healthy  meals that both babe and I desperately need. I am going to try to do better this week; even if I’m not feeling well.

Matt’s mom and Scott arrive from Red Lake next weekend, and we are planning to somehow get our parents / as much family as possible together somewhere to tell them the news! By that point we will be just about 11 weeks in….so it’s about time! I cannot believe I’ve managed to keep this from them for so long….it’s been really  hard!!

We have our first midwife appointment on Monday of this week, so I’m also hoping to talk to her a bit about my overall health and see if she has any tips or tricks to help me try and get and stay healthy for sweet little babe. Things are moving!

Healthy thoughts over here for me and for babe!! Here’s hoping for an easier week!! 🙂

-Sara and Babe xo











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