10 Weeks

Double digits!! Wahoo!!

I’ll admit that I am writing this post towards the end of my 11th week actually; since I’ve been feeling better (THANK YOU UNIVERSE); I’ve found myself busy again and time is flying by!

The beginning my 10th week was a little bit rough, especially because we were doing some renovations around the house. I got very sick again over the weekend between 9 and 10 weeks, and was still dealing with being pretty sick for the first half of this week.

In the meantime, we had decided that it would be a great idea to replace all of the laminate flooring and kitchen tile in our main floor with hardwood floors, which meant that our entire world got turned upside down for four days while the work was done!

Oh hindsight. Why are you always so, so right.

As always, the renos got off to a challenging start because the installer wasn’t made aware that he actually had to remove our existing flooring, he thought that that had already been done, so it took him a while to get going. In the meantime, I hid away upstairs and alternated between 30 minute power naps, and 30 minutes working from home trying to keep my head afloat. The one silver lining to having the work done at home this week was that I had the chance to work from home, which was pretty awesome, because well, sweatpants are awesome.

Matt also got really sick early in the week (it was only a matter of time, I mean, the guys been living with me for the past 7 weeks LOL), so we were a bit of a sad, pathetic pair trying to feed ourselves and just survive through the renos!!

Another exciting happening from this week was that we had our first midwife appointment! I got to meet my primary midwife Suneet and her student assistant who was very lovely. I got a great feel from both of them, and even though they weren’t able to find the heartbeat using their Doppler machine, they reassured me that they had done 6 initial appointments at 10 weeks that day, and hadn’t heard any. It was just a little too early. I was SUPER relieved that we had had our ultrasound at 9 weeks 6 days and seen the heartbeat, or I know that I would have been flipping out completely.

I was a bit disappointed that they couldn’t do more at the appointment other than really taking down my medical history and asking me tons of questions. I don’t really know what I was hoping for, but it all just seemed like STILL, it was too early for anyone to really check anything or do anything. Time is flying, but standing still at the same time.

4 days later, and I was feeling much better AND our gorgeous, gorgeous floors were installed and we had our house back! Yay! I spent most of Thursday night setting things back up, cleaning and dusting everything I could get my hands on, and just thoroughly enjoying being able to sit downstairs in our living room again!

I noticed as I was trundling up and down the stairs over and over with armfuls of things to put away that my breathing wasn’t too bad, and that I really was starting to feel a lot more like myself. I made the decision that if I still felt like myself on Friday morning, that I would go to a BodyFLOW class later that evening.

I did! Woohoo!

Renate and Cara taught a beautiful Flow class and I felt good through the whole thing. A couple of times I had to consciously (and sternly) remind myself to choose hope and optimism over fear and pessimism. Even though I know that we are getting so close to being over the worst of the risky part, I can’t help it, I’m still terrified.

After Flow, I got to see a bunch of my friends all together who had come to the gym to do a mock GRIT class in the studio. I was super tempted to just spit it out and tell them then, but knew that it was still probably one week too early. I reluctantly kept my mouth shut.

That’s really hard for me – considering the size of my mouth!!!!

In terms of funny food cravings, my love for chicken wraps is still going strong, as is my love for egg sandwiches. Mmmmmmmmhm. The nausea overall seemed to subside for the most part this week, which was nice.

Overall – this week came in like a lion and out like a pleasant little lamb!! I’ve got my eye on the second trimester…only a few short weeks away!!

-Sara & Babe xo

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