11 Weeks

Hi There!

11 Weeks! The days of single digits are long past, and the second trimester is on the horizon – and most importantly…..the grandparents are in the loop! Wahoo!


It was a bit of a circus trying to get our parents in the same place at the same time, we finally managed to wrangle them all together (along with Matt’s brother Scott and his brother Troy’s friend Jay – LOL) on Sunday afternoon at a Tim Hortons in Wingham, ON after giving my parents a tour of the sugar bush. Too funny……..not quite what I had pictured for when and where we would tell our parents, but hey, Tim Hortons works I guess! 😉

We didn’t have anything elaborate planned, but I did have these cute little onesies to give our moms that say “That’s It, I’m Going to Grandmas!” and one to show our dads that says “I’m Told I Like Hockey”. I kind of ended up just pulling the onesies out of my purse and waving them around like a crazy person LOL – I think they got the message!

Our parents were as excited as I thought / hoped they would be – and we just laughed and laughed at how quickly plans started snowballing: car seats and rooms being re-done in the house…things started moving very quickly! 😉

Back at the sugar bush, we told the rest of Matt’s brothers and took a few pictures which turned out pretty well (I quite enjoy Neil holding a ham and cheese sandwich!) and then my parents had to hit the road right away to get back to Oakville. It was a bit surreal to have the news out in the world! My parents didn’t even make it a half hour down the road before the great-grandparents were called and the news started to spread and my phone started trilling away lol….:)

The rest of the week started out great with a trip down to the Air Canada Centre to watch our Toronto Maple Leafs beat up on the Boston Bruins (really, is there anything more satisfying then that?). This week I’ve noticed that I’ve started to feel a bit of an ever-present mild nausea. Nothing crazy that impacted my activities at all, but definitely enough to notice it. I think that now that I’ve finally started feeling 100% better, some more of those symptoms that I never noticed before have come to the forefront. No complaints here, I’ll take a bit of fatigue and nausea over that hell-ish flu bug any day of the week.

The other massive update this week was that I officially made my return to my classes and spilled the beans to my class participants. That was an even more enormous weight off my shoulders than telling our parents had been to be honest. It’s been really challenging being unexplainedly away from the gym for so long, and I’ve just hated not being able to be fully honest with people.

I was extremely cautious this week easing back into my classes, being really careful to stay about 90% low impact in Attack and Step, and taking most low options in CX. My participants were so super supportive about me taking it easy in class, and I was so grateful for them and the instructors that came to help me as I transitioned back in. Ultimately, everything felt good and I was SO, so relieved to not have any bleeding or scary things after class. I was really starting to feel like myself again by the end of the week. SO, so grateful.

No crazy (new) cravings this week, definitely still loving my egg sandwiches, and I have started thinking about Kraft Dinner this week (what?), but nothing crazy out of the ordinary at this point! We are REALLY looking forward to our next ultrasound coming up next week (it’s technically an IPS ultrasound – but we are more just excited to see babe again and make sure that he’s doing okay in there!). I wonder how much an ultrasound machine costs to have in your home….. 😉

Back next week with our ultrasound report and an update from the official end of the first trimester! Woohoo!

-Sara & Babe xo



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