12 Weeks

This week has been my favourite week of the pregnancy so far!! Slowly, very slowly, I’m starting to feel that perpetual fog of anxiety and fear begin to lift, and I’m starting to let myself get excited about all of this! Up until now, I’ve been careful to not get carried away with my thoughts and plans and daydreams….but this week I’m giving in more and more, and it feels so great!

I’ve been teaching my classes on my own this week, and feeling pretty good overall! I’m still low impact for a significant portion of the class in Attack / Step, but Pump and CX I’ve been almost back to normal. Unfortunately my CX days are numbered because I won’t be able to do most moves once I start to get bigger; but I’m okay with that for now!

My performance at work / in general hasn’t been great in terms of being on the ball and super sharp with details and deadlines like I normally am, but I’m slowly accepting that that’s okay, and I’m just doing my best to get through one day / one obstacle at a time. I’ve made the decision this week that anything that doesn’t serve me and my sweet baby, needs to get let go of. Immediately and without looking back, and without apology.

We had our ultrasound on Thursday afternoon and OMG it was so funny. I was a bit petrified going in (just like the first ultrasound) and just praying that everything would look normal and healthy and that things would be progressing well. I had the exact same ultra sound technician as the first time, and she could still be in the running for supreme court justice with a poker face like hers.

Once again, about 45 seconds in I caved and asked her if everything looked okay (yea, not so great with the “patience” thing). She said yes – that she could see a heart beat, and I was thrilled with that. But then, the appointment seemed to be taking a long time, she was asking me to move around and lie in different positions, and then she started kind of jiggling the ultrasound handle into my stomach as if she were trying to wake the baby up. I started to get really nervous again.

I told her that she was scaring me and asked if everything was okay, and she said right away that yes everything was fine, but the baby was in a bad position for her to get a measurement on the thickness of the skin on the back of his neck (what they need for IPS testing to test for chromosome abnormalities). The baby was in a head stand position….LOL!!!! I nearly died laughing when I heard that.

She asked me to empty my bladder part way and then do some jumping jacks in the bathroom. So that’s exactly what I did. I am happy to report that I did not pee my pants (or lack thereof actually – I was wearing a dress LOL) while doing said jumping jacks. I remember looking around the bathroom while I was jacking around in my pink dress just shaking my head……what, oh what had I come to…..

I went back into the ultra sound room and babe was a bit of a stubborn one it seems (he’s a Libra – I should have known! ;)), and was still firmly performing a perfect headstand. Maybe he’s a Crossfit baby?! Or a yogi?!

Pretty bummed – the ultrasound technician told me that unfortunately I would have to book again because she couldn’t get what she needed in this appointment slot. She went to get Matt from the waiting room so that at least he could see babe on the screen.

When Matt came in the room, the poor guy looked stressed. He had been waiting outside for half an hour and even he was getting worried that something was wrong. And that takes a LOT for Matt to start worrying like that 😦

He was relieved to see me in good spirits, and we explained the conundrum of our head standing baby. While she was showing Matt the screen, he said something and I started to laugh, and kind of made myself start to cough. She kind of jumped and said “do that again, do that again!”…..and when I did, little babe miraculously decided to do a bit of a barrel roll, and flipped into a better position!!! We just laughed and laughed, maybe babe knew that Daddy was in the room, and he better quit acting up?! Too funny….

We were able to get the measurements that she needed after all, went downstairs to do some more bloodwork, and then we were home, feeling SO, so relieved and confident and happy. Week 12 is just about over now, and the second trimester starts on Sunday! OMG – I can’t believe it….I am so glad to say goodbye to the first trimester, and to start the fun of the second trimester. I’ve been told that it is the best by far in terms of how I’ll be feeling, and it’s an important one for babe to grow and develop too.

As far as cravings this week…..shepard’s pie. My mom’s, and my mom’s only. Don’t ask me to explain, I can’t. I haven’t eaten this stuff in probably 5+ years, but I had to have it this week! Egg sandwiches (still)…..and I’ve just in general been really hungry this week, it feels like I can never get enough food (particularly carbs)….sigh…..I’m going to look 30 weeks in the next 2 weeks if I don’t get myself under control!!!!!

Our next midwife appointment is two weeks away (week 14), and I can’t imagine how much will grow and change between now and then! Babe is now the size of a lime, and starting on Sunday will measure the length of a pea pod! I can’t believe the change in size from week to week! The body is truly a miraculous thing.

Here’s hoping for continued good health and good vibes into week 13! The superstitious side of me will be glad to be on the other side of 13?! 🙂

-Sara & Babe xo


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