13 Weeks

Hello Hello!

The superstitious side of me is happy to report that I am writing this post from the OTHER side of 13 weeks… the good side 😉


This week has been another good one in terms of how I’ve been feeling – hallelujah! I’m definitely feeling pretty chubby these days, but not looking round / pregnant yet….some of my tighter fitting pants are starting to become really uncomfortable, so I’m definitely transitioning into wearing my “fat pants” more often!

Matt and I cruised around the mall on the weekend and I couldn’t resist popping into Old Navy to check out their maternity clothes…I’ve heard that their stuff is pretty good, and not totally cheesy. I did end up picking up a simple black t-shirt dress and a pretty coral tank top….I just can’t imagine myself with the full on bump! I have a bit of a fear of looking like a frumpy, fat old pregnant lady (NOT what this is all about – I know ;)), so am going to really try to put some thought into how I dress babe and I as I start to grow. More so for how I feel, rather than I how I look, I think.

Cravings / food this week….I’m slowly getting sick of my daily egg wrap / sandwich…. this gal need some different quick ideas for breakfast!! Gah!! I also was loving bagels with herb & garlic cream cheese this week (I think I’m partially in denial here – this is probably just high school Sara coming back out and eating whatever foods I want under the pretense that I’m going to get fat anyways….NOT.GOOD.). On the positive side, I’ve been trying REALLY hard to get more fruits and veggies into my diet, and making some progress. Could still do better, and it’s getting much easier now that my energy is up and I don’t feel nauseous very often anymore to eat a bit better. Call it a work in progress. I’m finding that I pay the price (aka feel super nauseous) when I eat too MUCH of anything in particular in one sitting. Baby clearly has Matt’s tolerance for food, because I’ve never felt like this in my life….I’m normally more bottomless pit than human most days.

My challenge in the gym this week has been that I’m feeling nearly 100% back to my old self! Challenge, you ask? What challenge!? I guess my concern is that I’m trying to balance my intensity level in class, and not push myself too too hard (challenging, when the MO for most of these classes is to work as hard as you can!), and it’s hard to do when I’m feeling pretty much back to normal!! I caught myself in Step class on Thursday really running myself pretty ragged, and it kind of freaked me out. I need to get a bit better at monitoring this and pulling back before it gets to that point.

Matt and I are both starting to feel more and more excited with each week that goes by, but we’re trying to hold back from buying anything until we get a little bit further along (maybe even until we know the gender – coming up in another 5 weeks only?! WHAT?!). It still doesn’t feel completely real to me at all…. maybe it will once we know the gender and can start picturing things a bit more clearly (although – I would still bet every dollar I’ve got that it’s a boy ;-)).

One more week in the bag, and one more week closer to finding out for sure!! Have a great week!!

-Sara & Babe xo


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