30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 11

When I graduated from University (seemingly decades ago now – but who’s counting? ;-)), I had this horrible pit in my stomach that was telling me that something wasn’t right in the direction that I was heading.

I was so lucky to graduate with a job offer in hand; no endless interviews, applications, networking, schmoozing….nada…..I finished my semester late in August and started work the following Monday. I had to take a vacation day from work to attend my convocation in October!

In the semester leading up to graduation, I had this thought that I couldn’t get out of my head, and on a whim I applied to York University for teacher’s college (senior level – high school). I got the recommendation letters, my transcripts, wrote the essays….the whole deal. I honestly never thought that anything would come of it.

But something did.

I ended up getting selected for an on-campus interview with the York Teaching Faculty; so I went. I can still picture the waiting room that we were all sitting in. I was sitting at the table across from a tall blonde lady with very  curly hair, an older Indian man in a full three piece suit, and a bunch of other folks whose faces have blended into the folds of time.

I felt so out of my league, the people at the table with me all had designations, specialties, some had spent years working in childcare…and then there was me! I was so relieved when they finally called me by name to go for my interview.

It wasn’t a business interview, we didn’t sit across the table from each other. Instead we sat in a comfortably cluttered office with uneven stacks of paper on the shelves at a computer desk side by side and had a conversation. I remember the interviewer to be a short lady, a little plump and also with short blonde curly hair. I wish I could remember more about the interview, but I can’t. I left that day unsure of what outcome I was hoping for.

Several weeks, maybe even months later, I received the telltale “big envelope” from York University; I had been accepted.

By this point, I had the job offer from my current employer in my hands as well, and a decision needed to be made.

What to do, what to do?


I agonized over the decision, but being the risk-averse person that I am, I went with the safe bet. I turned down the acceptance, accepted the job offer and carried on my merry way.

I don’t really believe in regret (most days….), I tend to subscribe more to the idea that each decision we make contributes to where we are today, and where I am today isn’t a bad place to be by any means.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder “what-if” though……..

Well, I’m off to teach my BodyAttack class; poor Matt’s come down with an awful stomach bug so it doesn’t look like we’ll be up to much this long weekend, but here’s hoping!! 🙂

-Sara xo


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