30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 12

I just can’t believe that it is December 15th. Where has this year gone?

I feel like I’m grasping at 2016 like sand through my fingers, feeling like I have nothing to show for it; like I didn’t accomplish so many of the things that I wanted to, didn’t make any of the changes or grow the way that I wanted to. All in all, although 2016 had some truly wonderful moments to it, I’m feeling like I’m ready to turn the page and start fresh in 2017. I know that a new calendar  year really doesn’t represent anything except a different number, and that really December 15th is no different than January 1st, so in all reality, I’m trying to start working on things that I want to achieve in 2017 already. Not tangible things (although there are a couple for sure), but mostly things like trying to slow down, prioritizing what matters and who matters to me, dealing with stress and anxiety a little bit better and most importantly, shifting my mindset and becoming a more positive person that other people can draw inspiration from.

All of that is a great segue into today’s writing challenge assignment (yep, I haven’t given up yet….surprised? LOL).

Write about 5 blessings in your life.

I don’t love the term “blessing”, but I do like the notion of gratitude, and it’s something that I’m trying to focus more and more on these days as we’ve been faced with some more difficult times over the past couple of months, and I’ve just been finding it so much easier to fall into a slump and get my head down about things.

Tough times aside, I’ve always been a person that naturally tends to get frustrated easily and look on the negative side of situations. I don’t think it’s EXTREME, but I’m certainly not a “glass half-full” person like my husband Matt.

But he’s a Golden Retriever in a human’s body, so he’s a different breed all together 😉


While I don’t think I’ll ever go “full Golden Retriever” (you can’t have two Golden Retrievers married to each other…that would just be ridiculous), I’d sure love to be at least part Golden Retriever by the end of next year. Hell, by the end of this year. So I’m working on it! Trying to find the positive in negative situations, trying to train myself to see those things before I see the negative. It’s a process, and it’s not easy. But I’m working on it.

Today’s post asks me to list five blessings in my life, or five things that I’m grateful for. So here goes:

  1. My Golden Retriever husband who keeps me laughing, in line and ruffles my feathers when they need to be ruffled and sticks by me even when I’m being a royal pain in the ass
  2. My health, and the health of my family and friends. I’ve seen first hand what life is like when you or your family doesn’t have your health, and it is pure misery.
  3. That I found something that I am so passionate about, that fulfills me and picks me up on days when I truly don’t think that anything can (I’m talking about Les Mills, of course!)
  4. My good job and financial independence. Yea, you’ve heard me complain lots on this blog about my corporate job, but the truth is that without it, I wouldn’t be typing this post in my own home, or be driving the car that I do or taking the vacations that I take. I’m grateful to my corporate job for paying the bills and allowing us to live a life full of fun extras on the side.
  5. A recent, spontaneous, and absolute dream come true of a trip to Auckland, New Zealand to live out my dream of attending a round of Les Mills filmings. Yep. I did it. And I am so, so grateful for all of the things that fell in line to allow me to do it. My mom for coming with me (and for helping with the costs!), Matt for pushing me out the door to go, my body for staying healthy and strong enough to do everything I asked of it…..I’m grateful for it all. Eventually I’ll get around to documenting that entire trip on this blog, but for now, here are some pictures of my dream come true.


Life is good, and I’m a lucky, lucky girl. Even when I can’t see it!

-Sara xoxo

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