Matt and I are so thrilled and proud to introduce you all to our sweet “Babe”: Austin Walter Sidders, born Monday October 9th 2017 at 9:41pm, weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces!

We are so in love with our little baby sparrow (my newest nickname for him because of how his little mouth gapes open when you go to drop milk or vitamin D drops in with a tiny syringe….oh my heart….<3 ) and I can’t believe the seismic shift in my priorities that’s taken place since he’s been born. As long as Austin is happy, I’m happy too.

We have been home since Wednesday of last week now, and are fumbling our way through each day one day at a time! This parenting thing is NOT easy (go figure – everyone that told me that the first stretch was difficult was right!), but Matt and I make a great united team, and we will get there together, one day, one feeding at a time. I’ll try to post weekly updates on how we’re doing – more so for my own posterity, but I’m more than happy to share our experiences with the online community as well!

Austin’s birth was a complete and total roller coaster of emotions with some of the ultimate highest and lowest emotions of my life. I am still trying to process a lot of the emotions from that day (or really, those days as it turned out) to be honest, and sometimes they still overwhelm me a full week later. I am working on documenting his birth story and will share it here once it’s ready (I know that I loved to read other women’s birth stories as we geared up for our own labour / delivery, so thought that it would only be right to pay it forward!).

Thank you all so very much for following our pregnancy journey and for all of your lovely comments / well wishes along the way. The past 9+ months has been so challenging, rewarding, confusing and filled with emotional highs and lows, and it is still so surreal to me that that phase has come to an end. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have our sweet Austin here on the outside, and can’t wait for the journey to continue!

All our love,

Sara, Matt & Austin




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