37 Weeks

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I realized when starting this post that this MAY be the second last weekly pregnancy post that I write!

You may or may not have caught on from the tense that I use, but I write my weekly posts once the week has finished (i.e. I’m writing this 37 week post on Thursday the 21st, which is actually day 2 of week 38), so each post is more of a “week in review” looking back at the previous week! That means that at this time next week, I’ll be writing my week 38 in review….and by the time the next one comes around….I’ll be past 40 weeks! EEKS!

My midwives (and everyone else I talk to for that matter!) seem to be totally convinced that Babe will arrive late, so I’m kind of counting on a 41 week pregnancy unfortunately…..I’m so impatient and anxious to meet little Babe, I can’t wait anymore! That being said, I do have a lot of appointments and there are still a lot of things that I’d like to get done before the big day, so I guess I’m kind of torn between being so impatient, and being in a panic to finish things up!

We’re ticking away through the to-do list over here though, and milestones are just falling off the page! My last (half) day of work is tomorrow (OMG), and I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that I’ll be off work for a year….it doesn’t seem real AT all!

We had our first prenatal class last Saturday (made it just under the wire – phew! Matt and I were the closest couple to our due date in the whole class of 15 couples LOL) and it was pretty good. To be honest, I’d already came across 95% of the information in all of the reading / research that I’ve done on my own, but the instructor was really lovely and it was good reinforcement to hear it all again from a live person. Plus, it was good to have Matt there to hear everything with me so that he feels somewhat prepared as well!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the approach that was presented to labour / delivery (in particular the approach to drugs / interventions). I just found the stance to be a little bit strong for me and my learning style, and although I do agree with some of the points that were made, at the end of the day, I really don’t feel that it matters so much how our sweet babies come into the world, as long as they are healthy and happy, and as long as mama is too.

At the end of the day, I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned from all of my (many) hours of research on the topic is that everyone’s body and everyone’s experience is so different! If mom and baby are dealing well with the whole thing and can make it through stone sober by rolling around on an exercise ball, then that’s super awesome – good for them! If a different mom and baby are getting totally rocked, are miserable and opt for some relief in the form of drugs, then that’s super awesome too – and good for them as well!

I’m trying extremely hard to go into this whole thing with a really, really open mind. I haven’t written off literally any options, and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about all of the different schools of thought. I think at the end of the day, no matter what everyone has to say, this is going to come down to Babe and I, and we’ll figure it out together, just like we have everything else the last 9+ months. Something about that thought brings me a lot of comfort and really puts my mind at ease 🙂

Aside from prenatal class, it’s been a pretty chill week! I had a last minute opportunity to pop downtown for a Leafs preseason game with my family on Tuesday night (while coincidentally, Matt was downtown at the Jays game with his friend from Red Lake at the same time!), so that was pretty cool! I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to get tickets to the home-opener game on October 7th, but am thinking that’s probably a little ballsy considering that would be three days past our due date, and Leaf tickets ain’t cheap 😉

I’ve been back in the studio a little bit more this week participating in classes (BodyPump mostly, but I did do a Newbody class last Friday as well!), and am sooooooo, so, so, so uber thankful that I’m still able to work out at this late stage in the game! The activity and the endorphins are doing WONDERS to keep me sane these days, and even when I’m a bit achey going into the workout, I feel the absolute most like myself after taking a class (shocker right? Somethings never change….;) ). Babe has also started to stay awake during Pump classes and he moves around lots, particularly after the chest track which is just hysterical to me for some reason LOL…

My hope is to get out to at least 2 – 3 classes next week while I’m off work, and really, to keep going right up until the birth if possible! I can’t come up with a reason at this point for me to stop what I’m doing, so it’s full steam ahead as far as I’m concerned!

On the eating side, you’ll be glad to know that my drumstick phase is officially over (damn, that lasted a while lol), and I’ve moved on to just devouring as much as physically possible. I sometimes go into what I call “bread blackouts” and will just eat three pieces of plain, un-toasted bread right out of the bag while standing at the counter (much to Matt’s dismay – the poor guy budgets out exactly to the slice how much bread he needs for his sandwiches for the week, and these bread blackouts have been messing with his mojo big time LOL).

Sleeping, for the first time in this entire pregnancy, has become a bit more of a challenge, but just a bit. I’ve been waking up several times a night, mostly because I’m finding myself rolling onto my back in my sleep, which is a bit uncomfortable now. Jamming a small pillow in behind my back is helping somewhat, but last night when I did that, I woke up super sweaty, hot and a bit disoriented and ended up hurling the pillow across in the room in sleepy confusion lol (dear lord – please don’t let me do that to my baby 😐 ). I’m taking solace in the fact that I’m only setting an alarm for ONE MORE DAY, and then I’ll be able to sleep in / nap as I please!

*insert happy dance*

I wanted to finish off today by thanking everyone for their super kind words and encouragement as Babe and I round the last of the corners in our pregnancy and are barreling down on the finish line. I’ve been surrounded by so much love and support throughout this pregnancy, and I really believe that this has contributed to how lucky I’ve been in terms of how I’m feeling / what I’ve been able to do etc It truly means the world to us – thank you! ❤

I’m sure I’ll be here next week with our 38 week in review……but hey, you just never know 😉

Have a great week!!

-Sara & Babe xo

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