34 Weeks


Hello  Hello!

A couple of people have sent me messages asking if Babe was HERE since I hadn’t posted our 34 week update!! LOL!!

Sorry to disappoint, but I’m still here, and still very much pregnant! In fact, 34 weeks felt like a bit of a seismic shift in just how pregnant I’ve felt. Up to this point, although I’ve been getting huge for a while, I honestly haven’t really felt too much different aside from some aches and pains in my back and pelvis, but this past week I’ve been noticing how much tougher it is to do simple things like stand up (lol), roll over, bend down to pick up things, and the greatest athletic challenge of all…..

Tie my shoes.

Dear god, that was an experience.

I feel like Babe has been on a bit of a growth spurt because my appetite has been voracious again (well, let’s be honest with each other, I don’t think it ever really  became NOT voracious, it has been since about 20 weeks lol), and I’ve definitely grown a bunch in diameter this past week. We have our next midwife appointment on Tuesday after the long weekend, and I can’t wait to see how I measure…..I bet you the change will be significant!

It was another fairly uneventful week for Babe and I; I did end up coming down with a bit of a cold towards the tail end of last week / last weekend, but a few days camped out on the couch and lots of sleep over last weekend managed to prevent it from exploding into a full blown disaster, and we’ve been feeling pretty much back to normal this week, although maybe a bit lower energy than usual.

I’ve been really busy at work with trying to wrap-up projects and hand things over to my replacement, and I’m so grateful that we have such a long crossover period to train / transition, because it’s already been 4 weeks of us working together, and I’m still feeling like I have so much to cover with him! I’m not sure if work is contributing to this, but I’ve found myself pretty beat in the evenings this week, and have been crashing on the couch before I even make it upstairs to bed most nights! This is why my 34 week post is coming a few days late as a matter of fact!

This week, my boss and I went over to Supperworks in Oakville to do some freezer meals. I don’t know what I was thinking before, but clearly Supperworks is the answer to all (or at least some) of my freezer meal planning! My boss and I have been doing it for the past 2 years, and I seriously don’t know why it never occurred to me that these meals would serve just as well as post-Babe freezer meals as they have  for Matt and I……… sheesh.

Supperworks is a GOD SEND for anyone like me who isn’t keen on cooking or meal prep, and strapped for time. Basically Supperworks is a place where you go, and prepare freezer meals off of their pre-set menu for the month to store in Ziploc bags, or sometimes in casserole dishes / aluminum foil. They have all of the fresh ingredients prepped and ready to go for each meal, so you literally just move from station to station and follow the recipe for each meal that you’re preparing (which is as simple as: dump 1/2 cup of chopped onion into the bag, dump 1/4 cup of corn into the bag, add 1/2 tbsp of tomato sauce into the bag etc etc etc). It takes about an hour to make 6 meals, and you can make 3, 6, 9 or 12 meals per session!

Some meals are more work to actually cook at home then others, and they don’t always make full meals (i.e. this time I made a bunch of “cheesy, panko crusted chicken breasts”…..but would  need to serve them with something else to make a complete meal), which is why I was kind of leaning towards doing some different freezer meals on my own that are more complete meals, and even less work to cook then some of the Supperworks meals.

I’m talkin’ two steps: 1) remove from freezer, 2) place in oven.

Anyways, with about 9 Supperworks meals in our freezer, I’m feeling a bit better that we at least have something up our sleeve in case our little monkey decides to arrive early, but I’m still planning to work on a couple more over the next few weeks. Plus, as I get lazier and lazier, chances are we may dip  into some of those meals before he even arrives so…….yea 😉

I taught my last “official” BodyPump class on schedule this past Wednesday, and I seriously felt GREAT teaching / working out?! I had a couple of weeks in a row several weeks back now where I was feeling pretty uncomfortable teaching, and kind of assumed that it would only increase exponentially as the weeks rolled on, but it hasn’t been the case at all! In fact, about 90% of my pelvic pain is GONE now?! WTF?!

The fact that I’m still feeling so great in the studio is one of the greatest miracles for me, sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with gratitude to be honest. Although my heart hurts to not be able to do BodyAttack or BodyStep anymore, BodyPump has truly allowed me to keep sane for this pregnancy, and I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated this program so much in my entire 10 year teaching career. Without BodyPump, I would have been out of the studio / teaching completely at about 6 months, and that would have been so, so hard for both my mental and physical state. Probably more mental than physical to be honest.

I’m still feeling like I’ve got at least a couple of good weeks left in me to team-teach and / or participate, but am going to step back from teaching on my own now that I’m almost 36 weeks along, and lord only knows what plans Mother Nature has for Babe and I! 😉 I’m feeling good about the decision, and really happy that I still have the option to team-teach / participate at this stage. I know how lucky we are, and I don’t take that for granted.

My last (2) updates from this week are that no, I haven’t yet packed my hospital bag, but I’ve been gathering like a winter squirrel, and just need to get organized on what actually needs to go in the bag lol…..for some reason I’m much more concerned about packing Matt’s bag and making sure that he has enough food at the hospital (why do they always totally ignore feeding the husbands?!)….so that’s on my list to tackle this long weekend at some point in and amongst other fun.

We are on our way to Niagara on the Lake for a night this weekend for a mini baby-moon getaway, and spending some time at our friends Bailey and Graeme’s cottage as well which should be nice (although a bit chilly I hear?! Helloooooo sweet, sweet Fall – my very favourite time of year!!). Tonight we are on our way to Burlington Ribfest, but no, I won’t be eating much from there lol…..pregnancy completely aside, the last three times I’ve eaten meat at Ribfest I’ve ended up puking in the middle of the night, and this gal is done turning into a salmon for this pregnancy thank you very much!

Fries for me please! 😀

FINALLY…..I’ll leave you with a few of our favourite shots from a mini-maternity session that we did with the very talented Sarah Martin from Sarah Martin Photography back at 25 weeks / our baby shower! Hard to believe the change since then! We have another maternity session scheduled for next weekend at 36.5 weeks…..where does the time go….

Happy Long Weekend to all!

-Sara & Babe xo




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