16 Weeks


Well, well, well….what do we have here?! Is that the start of a bump I see?! I think so!! I’m so excited to start looking a bit rounder!!

A lot of my pants are fitting very uncomfortably these days, and I think within the next 2 weeks I will probably be in the market for some maternity pants to wear to work (EEKS). I’ve heard that Thyme Maternity has an artificial “bump” that you can try on with clothes to get a feel for how things will feel / look when you’re bigger, and I’m looking forward to checking that out maybe next week! Things are ticking away!

This week has been mostly about starting to get our heads around the infinite MOUNTAIN of things that our little ducky will need once he / she arrives. Dear sweet lord save us….we need a bigger house (and much bigger wallets)!!!!

It started fairly innocently with the thought that with our (co-ed) baby shower coming up on Sunday June 25th (early, I know, but it works well with the dates that the Sidders gang will be here on their way to Lebanon for vacation with my family), we would need to get invitations out in the next few weeks, and that typically your baby registry is included on the invitation so that people know where to look / shop.

2.5 hours later, and Babies ‘R Us was starting to look like a labyrinth that Lara Croft herself couldn’t escape from, and both Matt and I were throwing in the towel that we had no hot clue what we were doing!! We did start a registry at Babies ‘R Us and started scanning a couple of pretty simple items (and things that were recommended to us by friends / family already), but drew the line when it got to the more serious stuff like car seats, strollers, cribs / nursery furniture and safety items. We both agreed that we need to do a whole lot more research and looking in to all of that stuff before we are ready to make a decision on what we need / want.

I did convince Matt to let me register for a luxury baby bath tub with little tiny jets though……LOL….I die….

We made a bit more progress and setup a Snuggle Bugz registry online once we got home, and it was a bit easier to navigate online when you could quickly look online for reviews of the products etc…I’m still mucho overwhelmed by the whole thing and need to spend some more dedicated time learning about all of this different stuff. The nursery furniture is another big mountain to tackle, but that will be one for the summertime for sure.

Apart from that, this week has been relatively uneventful! Most of my nausea is gone during the day, and I’m pretty agreeable to most foods (carbs = yes) again. Sometimes when I eat a bit too much too fast I will feel kind of sick, but overall not too bad.

I did give my midwives “hotline” a call this week because I had some questions about some pains in my belly that I was experiencing when I woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night (which went away when I actually went to the bathroom). What a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, amazing option it is to be able to call their number and speak with one of your midwives right away at all hours of the evening?! That experience alone totally reinforced my decision to go with a midwife instead of an OB, who I know would have likely been much harder to get a hold of after hours like that (and probably would have had me book an appointment to come in vs. talking to me over the phone). I popped in to give them a quick urine sample¬†the very next morning on my way to work, and haven’t worried about a thing since then. The pains also seems to have gone away completely, so I haven’t been overly concerned. Check me out – SUPA CHILL over here! (not….)

It’s just been a really happy time in general for Matt and I, we are both getting so excited (already) and finding ourselves chatting more and more about things like what activities our kids will do, and what life will look like for us over the next 20+++ years! The next big (BIG BIG BIG) milestone for us is coming up on Monday May 8th, when we have our next anatomy scan ultrasound (which will tell us the gender of the baby – AHHHHHH), and we’re doing a very small gender reveal get together for our families on Saturday May 13th (so you’ll have to wait an extra few days until we announce it publicly – SORRY! ;-)).

I’m still convinced that baby is a boy, but more and more people are telling me that they are so sure that it will be a girl! I know that we’re all guessing at this stage, but I just can’t wait to find out the answer!

And once we find out…..then clothes shopping and nursery planning can begin….lord save me….

Hope you’ve all had a great week like we have!

-Sara & Babe xo

One thought on “16 Weeks

  1. Ahhhhh!!! I can’t believe all this. A real baby?!!! Haha. Send me your registry info when you manage to complete it! I can’t even imagine all the decisions to make. I know you guys will do great. I also heard Old Navy has nice pregnancy stuff, oh and if they didn’t get rid of our precious target you could definitely find some there. At least the majority of your pregnancy will be through the summer and you can wear nice loose fitting sundresses!

    Are you guys actually considering moving? I think you have enough space! Is Matt giving up his computer room for baby things? Haha.

    I’m putting my vote it. I say girl!!!!

    On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 11:05 AM, Going The Distance wrote:

    > sara8989 posted: ” Well, well, well….what do we have here?! Is that the > start of a bump I see?! I think so!! I’m so excited to start looking a bit > rounder!! A lot of my pants are fitting very uncomfortably these days, and > I think within the next 2 weeks I will probably” >

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