27 Weeks


Hello from our guestroom (aka the new home of our full length mirror now that Babe’s room has been setup in the old office)! I thought that I was alone for this selfie, but it turns out that a certain someone was lurking just behind the bump…..

Hi Blake!

My parents and brothers and Matt’s parents have all been on vacation in Lebanon for the past two weeks, and we’ve been looking after my little panther fur ball which has been nice (except that he seems to really hate poor Matt for some reason – which I’ll chalk up to jealousy). He chased the poor guy all around the living room earlier this week hissing and swatting at his feet!

Sheesh Matt puts up with a lot…….!!

We had our last “monthly” midwife appointment right at the start of week 27, with my primary midwife this time, who I really like. We got to talk a bit more about my salmon episode from 24 weeks, and she made me feel so much better about the whole thing, and reassured me that a lot of people had been coming in to them with major gastrointestinal issues, and that although passing out is super scary, it won’t affect Babe if it’s just for a short moment.

We also talked a bit about hair colouring (which she assured me was fine to do, but I’m still wrestling with myself over it….I hate the mousy brown colour that my hair is going with months of no highlights, but also hate the thought of Babe being around the chemicals for 3 hours….sigh….) and cord blood banking (which I brought up because it’s a topic of super interest to me given our family’s history with blood cancer / stem cell transplants).

At this appointment, we also talked a bit about pre-term labour and signs that I should be  on the watch for. This is something that’s weighed very heavily on my mind from the very start of my pregnancy, as several very close friends of Matt and mine have delivered their sweet babes early, so she really didn’t give me any new information that Dr. Google hadn’t already told me about. I guess all I can say is that I’m placing my trust in Mother Nature and in the universe; Babe will come into the world on his own schedule, whenever that may be, and we are grateful for every day that he gets to snuggle in close to me in there!

This week was the very first time that I felt any anxiety or nerves over actual labour / delivery itself. Up until this point, I’ve been pretty chill about the whole thing, promising myself that I would go in as educated and prepared as I could, but with very few pre-set expectations. Lord knows that even if I went in with a best-laid “Sara plan”, most likely it would all go to hell within 5 minutes anyways, and that would only frustrate me more.

Enter Stage Left: winging it.



Anyways – brief anxiety episode aside, I’ve put the whole thing out of my mind for now, figuring we have some time before we get to that bridge, and worrying about it now won’t do any good.

It was a pretty uneventful weekend, Matt and I did a bunch more purging / cleaning, including a total overhaul of our storage room (OMG – such a difference, I’m in love with our basement / storage room right now!). We’ve pretty much nested our entire house top to bottom now, so I said to Matt that we’re going to need to find a new hobby for our weekends…..there’s nothing left to purge!!

Symptom-wise, I’ve been feeling pretty good, but definitely noticing an increase in back pain (specifically my upper / mid back) as the day goes on, and sometimes it’s hard to find a comfortable way to sit / lie. My belly is growing like MAD now (I can’t believe the change from 26 weeks – now!), and I think the extra weight / diameter is throwing things off a bit! I’m a bit afraid of HOW big my belly will grow LOL….I’ve been on the small side for most of this pregnancy, but feel like I’m on an uncontrollable growth spurt now and GET OUTTA MY WAY, because I’ll over-take you all! LOL.

The gym has become increasingly more and more uncomfortable, with the exception of BodyPump, which is still feeling fine. I’m just about finished teaching BodyStep for this pregnancy unfortunately, but am planning to get at least 1 – 2 more classes in to teach the new release (which launches next Tuesday!) before I hang up my stepping shoes for a few months. Sigh.

Even though I am bummed to not be teaching anymore cardio classes for this pregnancy, I’m also kind of looking forward to the chance to do some more experimenting with other low-impact classes and different types of workouts as well. I just have to make sure that I don’t get too lazy without the added incentive that I have to be at the gym to teach!

My appetite has still been VORACIOUS, and I’m eating my weight in food every day it feels like (no easy feat when your weight is sky-rocketing the way mine is!!!). I’ve been pretty happy with the balance of foods I’ve been getting in, and am trying to stay pretty chill about the weight / belly gain (okay, okay, I can cool it with the treats a bit….but just a bit ;)). I’ve also told Matt that at some point in this pregnancy, we’re going to McDonalds. Yea McDonalds, like….yellow arches, red fry boxes. And I’m getting a McChicken. AND my own fries. My very own fries! I haven’t eaten at McDonalds in probably 10+ years, but I’m cashing in this pregnancy thing and we’re doing it at some point for sure. Matt’s suggestion is that we wait until I’m even more huge and uncomfortable, and in need a morale boost. LOL.

Sleeping has been pretty good, although I definitely feel a bit more uncomfortable finding a good position. Once I get to sleep though, I’m out for the night, which is good. My energy levels have been pretty good overall as well (I thought that they were dropping way off a few weeks back – and really worried that that was going to be it for my second trimester energy burst, but nope, seems to be back and doing okay for now!).

Well – that’s all from this uneventful week! Our families are home safe and sound, and Matt’s parents left for home today, so our house is feeling awfully quiet again! We’ve been graduated to our weekly midwife appointments now that the third trimester starts next week (29 weeks) – so we’ll be meeting with our midwife again next Tuesday. I just can’t believe it.

It’s true what they say….the days are long, but the weeks / months / years are short.

Have a great week all!

-Sara & Babe xo



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