30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 8

Ah sweet, sweet Friday. We meet again. This week has been a pretty big and stressful one for me in lots of areas. Firstly, this week I filmed my assessment video for CXWORX (three times, but hey, who’s counting?), battled off a nasty sinus infection and have really had to deal with some sucky things at work.

This week at work I think I hit an all-time stress / unhappiness high. It’s a really, really long story that I won’t bore you with on this blog, but there have been some HR shifts recently in our group that have just made for an absolute hellish working environment that’s nearly impossible to exist in. Just yesterday I had to turn and walk away from someone in tears because I felt like I was going to be sick to my stomach if the conversation didn’t stop.

Yesterday’s events got me thinking (oh you know, for the 1,000,000th time) about career satisfaction and purpose in life. I don’t want to be a Millenial. Seriously, I can’t deal with Millenials. Can’t even deal. I understand the concept of working hard and paying your dues (really paying your dues; I don’t subscribe to the Millenial school of thought that says that 1 year is “paying your dues”), I don’t labour under any delusions that “I am special” and I understand that every day isn’t going to be a rainbow of Skittles and sunshine. Really. I get it. No, REALLY. I REALLY DO get it.

I often fantasize about what I would do if fear, uncertainty and self-doubt were no object. Would I own my own business? Would I be back at school learning? Would I change career paths completely and do something completely different than what I do right now?

All of those options, while sounding awesome, all seem completely foreign to me because they all involve some degree of uncertainty, a high degree of change, and they rely on my own ability to get things done.

So….that brings me to today’s topic…

Share something you struggle with. 

You mean you want me to pick just one?! Good Lord, some days I struggle to just get myself dressed in the morning.

I could pick any number of things:

  • Math
  • Eating healthy
  • Holding a hover
  • Confrontation
  • Balancing priorities
  • Math
  • Hypochondria
  • Math
  • Math
  • Math
  • Did I say Math?


But I guess the one that I have been REALLY struggling with in the past couple of years is this crazy, crippling fear of change and uncertainty.

Why do I stay in a job that I hate? Because I know that A) it pays my bills, B) I’m reasonably good at it, and C) nothing has to change if I do. Pretty simple.

This is something that I really hope to be able to overcome one day…but currently is a big struggle.

So, as we head off for the weekend, what do you struggle most with? Any math fans out there? 😉

Have a terrific weekend!



30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 7

Hi Friends!

I never really knew what people were referring to when they talked about the “lazy days of summer”, because our summers have always seemed to be more hectic and crazy than any other time of the year!

Matt and I have been crazy busy over the last several weeks since returning home from our honeymoon back in early June. We had the trip of a lifetime…I do plan to do a big blog post documenting some of our favorite memories and pictures from the trip, but at the rate that I seem to be getting things done on this blog, that might not happen for a little while! 🙂

For our honeymoon we took a 9 night cruise through the Mediterranean; Italy, Greece and one stop in Turkey. We also had a couple of days to spend on either side of the cruise in Italy (Florence before the cruise, Rome after the cruise), and you guys….it was sheer bliss. It’s been a long, long, long time since I took such a nice, long vacation and I couldn’t believe the clarity and the change in my outlook after some significant time away from work. Swoon. Take me back!

Around the house I’ve been just itching with the home renovation / home improvement bug. A couple of projects that I’m eyeing include: cleaning up / majorly refreshing our basement, having our entire house painted, changing out the ugly gold doorknobs throughout the house and potentially cleaning up / refreshing our office. If only there was unlimited time in a week!

In other news, since my last post, I’ve taken another Les Mills training for my fourth discipline! You are looking at a brand new CXWORX instructor in training (or at least the words of one on-screen!). CXWORX is the Les Mills 30 minute functional core training program….and god damn it’s hard. CX has been a real challenge for me, a self-confessed “cardio junkie”, but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made so far in the program. I’m actually filming my second take of my assessment video tonight…here’s hoping that this one is the winner!

SO….after much digress….back to our 30 Day Writing Challenge (which at this stage has turned into the 30 Year Writing Challenge….ha).

Today’s prompt asks me to list 10 songs that I’m loving right now. Okay!

  1. Bird Set Free – Sia
  2. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya
  3. Lose Control – Hedley
  4. Just Like Fire – Pink
  5. Secrets – Tiesto
  6. Memories – KSHMR & BassJackers feat Sirah
  7. My House – Flo Rida
  8. Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake
  9. Brother – NEEDTOBREATHE ft. Gavin Degraw
  10. Red Light – Tiesto

Dance party anyone?!

Have a fabulous evening everyone!

-Sara xo