30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 6

Hi Friends,

Happy Sunday Evening….where do the weekends go. Sigh.

It’s been a busy one for Matt and I as we are getting ready to go away on our honeymoon; we leave this Thursday and are gone for 2.5 weeks! Wowza! Still a lot to get done before then, but I’m starting to get really excited to get away for a little bit.

Today’s prompt is: 5 ways to win your heart.


This one should be fairly easy!

  1. Make me laugh

Since forever I’ve been most drawn to people that make me laugh in my personal and professional life as well. I’m a bit of a goofball myself and have always struggled to connect with people that are overly serious and straight-faced all the time. Life’s just too short people, you’ve gotta laugh!

2. Give me space

Although my absolute passion in life has me on stage in front of 40 people 5 – 7 days a week, mixing and mingling with strangers and people that I don’t know that well on a daily basis and just generally pouring my heart and soul out to large groups of people, I am 150% an introverted personality. People misunderstand the definition of an “introvert” all the time. Being introverted does not mean “anti-social”, “quiet”, “conservative”, “shy” or anything like that. Being introverted simply means that (among many qualities), you get energized from having time alone vs. getting energy from being part of a group of people. One of the (many) things that I love about Matt is that he totally understands that and is fine to give me space to do my own thing, to teach my classes and always seems to know exactly the right moment to insert himself. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate people that understand introverted personalities and the need to have time alone and that are willing to give me that time.

3. Help me out

As I’ve written about on this blog 100 different ways to Sunday, I live my life at mach 10 all the time, and every day is normally packed from sun-up to sun-down. I am so, so grateful to people that offer a helping hand, be it something as simple as Matt emptying the dishwasher for me even though I normally do that in the morning before I leave, or meeting me at the car to help me carry in my bags at the end of the day.

4. Share your food

It’s a special, special person that is willing to share their fries with me. One of the quickest routes to my heart! 😉

5. Understand the importance of family

I’ve been lucky that both Matt and I have amazing families that we genuinely enjoy spending time with. I’m always super grateful and appreciative to anyone who understands and appreciates the importance of family in life. I love to hear about traditions and stories from other people’s families, and my heart always feels so full when I’m participating in my family’s activities or someone else’s family activities.

I could also add to this list: “appreciate Les Mills fitness classes and the culture that goes along with it”. Because pretty much anyone that wants to win my heart is going to have to accept that I’m already in a pretty serious relationship with two foxy folks: Matt and Les Mills 😉 😉

A quick update for today, back soon with Day # 7!

-Sara xo


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