30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 4


Sigh…so I missed a couple of days.


All is not lost, not to worry! Let’s just pick up right where we left off, shall we? Day 4.

The weather where we live has just been fantastic the past couple of days and I can’t get over the improvement in my mood and overall perspective. The sun and warmer temperatures also seem to have brought out the bikers and the runners, and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and lustful for my summers spent training for races. I don’t have any plans to do any super crazy long distance races this year, but I’ve been getting the nagging itch to get back on the race circuit for sure this year in some way or another. Thinking about at least a 10K at some point this year, maybe in the Fall.

What I really need is to quit my full-time job and just pursue my hobbies full time, mmmkay?


Anyways, today’s topic is one that’s tripped me up a little bit, and maybe that’s why I was procrastinating on writing it.

Write about someone that inspires you.

Should be a pretty simple one, but I actually have had a really hard time coming up with just the right person.

The thing is that there are lots of things that inspire me about lots of different people in my life, in one way or another. But which way to look at? There are a handful of people that really inspire me in the gym and in fitness. Certainly a couple of people very close to me that inspire me personally. Not a lot, but a couple of people inspire me professionally.

I’ve finally landed on one person that I really do look up to quite a bit in many aspects of life. And to be honest, I don’t even know her that well. But I do know her well enough to know that she is the real deal, and that if I develop into half the woman / wife / mother that she is, then I would feel pretty good about things.

I’m not going to name this person, nor am I going to really get into the specifics of who they are or what specifically they do. In fact, this person really hardly knows anything about me, although I’ve been around them for quite a long time.

In a nutshell, this person inspires me a great deal with her intelligence, quiet and unassuming confidence, her strength (both physical and emotional), talent and most of all for her simple human kindness.

Life has not been easy for this person. Although things in her life seem to be picture perfect, I know for a fact that she has been faced with significant hardship. But you sure wouldn’t know it to interact with her.

She is kind to a fault. Not the syrupy sweet kind, just simple, authentic, genuine kindness of spirit. She is also not afraid to stand up and make a well-poised argument for something that she believes in. You’ll never hear emotional outbursts or rants from her though, her arguments are concise, clear and well thought out. She weighs the value and the consequences of speaking her mind before she does.

She is strong. Physically so absolutely, but most importantly emotionally and mentally. She is the wife, the mother, the friend, the teacher that does it all and carries an enormous weight with her everywhere she goes, but does it effortlessly. When she’s speaking to you, she is present. Not making lists of where she should be or what she should be doing. Or at least, that’s the way that she makes you feel.

She is talented. God damn she is good at what she does. She is committed to constant improvement and continuously working hard, and every time she accomplishes something that I think puts her at the top, the next time I turn around, she’s reaching for something else.

Sounds like a pretty awesome person, right? Like I said, I really don’t know her all that well personally, but I have been around her for a long time. And I really, really admire the life that she has built for herself.

So, a cop-out? Maybe. But that’s as good as she’s gonna get for Day #4! 😉

So, tell me…can you think of anyone specific that inspires you?

See you tomorrow for Day #5….or Day #9 that’s really Day #5…..or whatever….;)



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