Silly Goose

Happy Friday Night!!

Although it was a short week, it’s been an insane one and I’m sure glad that the weekend is here. I’ve got high hopes for this weekend in terms of getting ready for Christmas, including buying our very first set of Christmas lights and putting them up (enter stage right: Matt with a ladder), doing some baking, finishing off my Christmas cards and maybe if there’s time, getting into the mall to start my Christmas shopping.

I cannot believe its November 15th and I haven’t even started my shopping yet. Oh the shame. Normally I start shopping in October, and I’m pretty much done by the end of November, but then spend the rest of December picking up “extra” things that I see that I think people might like. This year I think I’m going to be one of those mad panicked shoppers bolting around the mall the week before Christmas….which I’m not overly disappointed about. I always kind of wish that I had more of an excuse to go to the mall in December (and all year long to be honest) anyways 🙂


Another thing that I’m really looking forward to this weekend is a yoga class at this new yoga studio in Oakville. I recently bought a Groupon for 20 yoga classes over the next three months, and I’ve been itching to get started ever since I bought it. Yoga is one of those things that I always wish that I had time to cram into my schedule, yet somehow it never makes it in. Don’t the yogis always say that the people that need yoga the most are the ones that can’t find the time for it?

True dat yogis. Point taken.

Anyways, I’m thinking about taking a Hot Yang/Yin Yoga class on Sunday night which is supposed to be evenly split between a higher energy, more athletic style of yoga for the first half of the class, and then a slower paced, more restorative and healing style of yoga for the second half. I of course am looking forward to the second half more than the first 😉

In all seriousness though, I know that cross-training is going to be a big part of my marathon training (how weird is it to not have the word “half” in front of the word marathon???? Guess that’s something I’ll have to get used to…) if I want to stay healthy throughout my training cycle. It’s going to be a real challenge to keep my body healthy because I’m going to be teaching high-impact classes on top of all the running that I need to be doing.

My friend Angela (who blogs over at by the way!) posted a great article today from Running which outlines the four biggest problem areas for runners, and offers up some stretches and strengthening exercises to target these areas specifically.

The four areas (in no particular order) are: hips, glutes, hamstrings and ankles.

I’ve had injuries and issues with all four of these areas in the past, so this time I’m being proactive, and I’m committing to do at least one set of the exercises in this article before bed every night starting TODAY. Combine that with a regular yoga practice, and I’m hopeful that my joints and muscles will forgive me for the pounding they’ll be taking in the coming months.

Speaking of pounding…….I kind of made a bit of a mistake in my winter race sign-ups. Matt has been shaking his head at me and calling me a “silly goose” for the last week. I sort of double-booked myself for the first weekend in December by agreeing to do the 5km Santa Shuffle (in a full Santa suit) with my instructor friends from the gym on Saturday December 7th and also agreeing to do the 10.8km Eggnog Jog on Sunday December 8th. Throw in a BodyAttack class on the Saturday morning post-Santa Shuffle and I don’t know how much shuffling I’m going to feel like doing come Sunday night!!

Silly goose indeed.

Anyways, in the next week I’ve got to outline a bit of a training plan to get started on. Since I know that I can’t ramp up mileage quickly without injuring myself, it’s going to have to be a slow and steady process, and I know I’m going to have to start early. Stay tuned for the training plan!

Before you leave for the night, what are you up to this weekend?! What have you got on the go? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet??

Have a great weekend all!!

-Sara xo


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