29 Weeks


I’m happy to report that Babe is a natural in the great outdoors! He did great with the camping trip this past weekend, and really gave me very little trouble overall for the 2.5 days that we were out there!


The most challenging part of camping while 29.5 weeks pregnant was the whole washroom situation. Our original campsite that we were assigned to was nowhere close to a washroom, which was a bit of a problem considering I have to go about 33,000 times per hour now, including in the middle of the night (my god I miss my old camel bladder…on the day of our wedding, I didn’t go to the bathroom for over 16 hours, and still didn’t really have to go when I finally took off my dress at 3am!?).

Thankfully, Matt was great and sprung into action before Neil and Kaitlyn even arrived at the site, checking out other lots that may be better situated for Babe and I, and we managed to snag a different campsite that was a short walk from the “real” washrooms (you know, running water etc). Thank goodness.

We were camping in Balsam Lake Provincial Park, which is located right on the huge lake, and we spent most of the day on Saturday out in Matt’s canoe, much to his delight! Few things make my Matthew happier then the great outdoors and being in his canoe, so it warmed my little heart to be out there with him. We ended up paddling somewhere between 6km – 8km all the way across the lake, around a point and down to another Provincial Park (Indian Point) where we had a little picnic for lunch.

I know what you’re thinking.

What in the name of all that is holy would Sara be willing to eat out of a picnic basket while camping in the woods without Lysol wipes and a stove to burn the life out of all the food? 

And the answer my friends…..


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh baby.

Matt and his brother grew up taking long interior camping trips with their dad and brothers, and they seriously know what’s up when it comes to surviving in the wild! Neil brought his single burner stove and a little tiny pan out in the canoe, and made us probably the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever had in my LIFE out on that island. 8km paddle / fresh air aside; I would put this sandwich up against any I’ve had before, seriously! I (of course), ate two. One for me, one for Babe. Duh.


On the way back across the lake after our picnic, things got interesting! Matt had brought his fishing rod and some new lures with the hope of dropping a line in and maybe catching a Muskie (read: Muskellunge: a species of large, relatively uncommon freshwater fish native to North America). It was after 2pm by the time we set back across the lake, definitely not the ideal time for fishing, but figured, what the heck, why not toss the line in on the way back across. Neil’s girlfriend Kaitlyn took the first turn with the rod as we started the long paddle back.

Within about 5 minutes of paddling, Kaitlyn called out that she thought the line was snagged. She gave it a couple of good tugs, and thought for a minute that a fish might be on…..but then decided, no, it was just snagged. She was struggling to get the snag free, so we circled back and she handed the rod over to Neil to try and get the line loose again.

Neil took the rod, gave it a couple good tugs, fixed some settings on the rod…..and then the rod nearly got yanked out of his hand as the “snag” started to pull back!!


I think at this point I literally started just screaming my head off (seriously, zero chill over here) while Matt frantically rooted around in our canoe for the net and Neil handed the rod back to Kaitlyn to reel in her haul.

As she started to reel and the fish got closer to the surface, Matt flipped out and yelled “OH MY GOD, I THINK IT’S A MUSKIE?!” (more screaming from me). We caught our first glimpse of the fish in the water close to the canoes, and it was a beast! It looked like an alligator coming to the surface!

When all was said and done, they grabbed the fish in the net, assessed that it wasn’t a Muskie, but rather a very grumpy looking Northern Pike (much more used to being the predator as opposed to the prey!), took a few trophy pictures, and tossed the grouchy thing back to go and prey on some more innocent fish (lol). Our “finger” measurements told us that it was somewhere between 26 – 28 inches long!! Way to go Kaitlyn!!


All in all, it was a really good weekend, and I so appreciated all three of my camping buddies taking care to make sure that there was food that I was comfortable eating, and probably taking it a tiny bit easier then we may have otherwise (you know – 16km paddle aside). Oh, and to Matt for giving Babe and I the entire double air mattress to sleep on while he slept on his little cot on the side lol

Camping at 29.5 weeks pregnant can be done! 🙂

Aside from camping, it’s been an okay week. I took Monday off work and got an extra BodyPump class in which was great, but I’ve been dealing with a bit more lingering pelvic pain these days (not just after workouts, but all the time). I’m starting to get a tiny bit worried that I may have the start of SPD (Symphis Pubis Dysfunction), which basically means that the bones in my pelvis are getting slightly misaligned (very common in pregnancy). The pain is definitely manageable, I’d give it maybe a 3 – 4 out of 10 at the most, but it’s there, and it’s there most of the time now, which is a little worrisome.

My next midwife appointment is on Monday of next week, so I plan to mention it to her and see if there is anything I can do to help with this in the meantime. I really can’t complain, I’ve been so fortunate so far, and have really had to suffer through so little in this pregnancy, so if I’m in a bit of discomfort from here on out, then I can live with that. Would be jolly grand if I didn’t have to though! 🙂

I’m still eating like Michael Phelps (caved and bought another box of Drumsticks this weekend….I hate myself!!), and still gaining weight like it’s going out of style…..sheesh!! Make it stop!!

Sleep has been pretty good, although pelvic pain is sometimes waking me up in the night if I turn a certain way. I’m quick to get back to sleep though, so no biggie.

I’m starting to think about freezer meals for post-Babe arrival, and will probably get started on some of those in August….August is shaping up to be a very busy month for us though, with Matt headed out to Winnipeg for a weekend, wedding showers, CAN FIT PRO (eeeeeee!!) and possibly one more trip for me up to Sault Ste. Marie as well, so I’m sure that it will just fly by.

Hope all is well with you – have a wonderful week!

-Sara & Babe xo


28 Weeks


If there was one word to describe this week from start to finish, I would probably say “emotional”. When I say “emotional”, I don’t necessarily mean “sad”, I just mean that every emotion I’ve been feeling seems to have been magnified a bit this past week. Happy, sad, excited, anxious, strong, hurt…..it’s been another roller coaster of a week!

For one of the first few times in my pregnancy this week, I really started to miss my pre-pregnancy body, and what it used to be able to do. I don’t think I ever realized how much intensity was a part of my personality until I’ve had to pull back from many things quite significantly, but when I look back on things that I used to do without even thinking about it (here’s looking at you burpee tuck jumps!), they now seem about as feasible as renting a unicorn for the day and flying to Narnia.

It’s all good – and the sadness didn’t last too long, but I definitely felt some pangs this week.

Food-wise, O.M.G; I still can’t get enough. I totally hate myself for how much I’m eating, and I know I’m going to have a bitch of a time getting this extra weight off after all is said and done, but I.just.can’t.stop. I actually find these days that if I go more then about 2 – 3 hours without eating, I start to feel really faint and woozy and need a really significant snack to boost me back up again.

And I ain’t talkin’ about no trail mix or piece of fruit.


Snack stadium…..I die…… LOL

My guilty pleasure this week has been…wait for it….Nestle Drumstick Ice Cream cones!!!! Ahh my heart…..Matt left me alone in the grocery store for literally 2 minutes while he ran back to get something in the bread section that we had forgotten, and came back to our cart just in time to catch me casually tossing in a box of Nestle Drumsticks (which we’ve never bought, nor eaten in our 8+ years together LOL). The look on his face was worth the extra 2 months it will take me to get the weight off, I swear to you.

I can’t explain it, but something about those drumsticks just spoke to me in that store…..and oh baby, I like what they have to say! I’ve been averaging one a day for the past 3 days, and thankfully there’s only one left in the box, so after today, no more.

Maybe I should just stop going to the grocery store….. hmm…..

Sleeping has been really good, I haven’t had any issues with waking up in the night or getting to sleep, which has been really helpful for my frame of mind, especially when emotions are running higher than normal. Hormones + exhausted = problems. I am so thankful that I was an exclusive side-sleeper before I ever got pregnant, as I know lots of people that are really struggling to stay on their sides / get comfortable on their sides. Business as usual over here!

We had our 28 week midwife appointment just yesterday (the last day of 28 weeks!), and found out that Babe is still laying in a transverse position on his side. Baby boy has been laying like that since week ELEVEN?!? Guess little guy has found a comfy spot, and he ain’t movin’!

The transverse position is apparently known to be quite a painful one for the mother as the baby gets bigger because it puts quite a stretch on the uterus and a lot of pressure on the pelvic bones. This could (and probably does!) explain why I’ve had trouble keeping up with my high impact classes due to pelvis pain!

Babe, I know you’re comfy there, mama is happy to oblige and I’ll deal with the eventual discomfort….but here’s the deal….you’ve got to flip for me before the big day, mmmmkay? Not loving the idea of a planned C-Section if he doesn’t turn!! Remember my ducks in a row? That would scatter them all over the damn barn!!

The other big finding from this week was related to a vaccination that I found out about while doing some research for our midwife appointment called the TDAP vaccine, which is supposed to protect Babe from pertussis, whooping cough and a bunch of other things in the first two months of his life before he can get his own vaccine (I would pass the antibodies onto him in-utero for now, and these would last until he gets his own shot). I brought up the vaccine with my midwife and was a bit disappointed that she didn’t seem overly enthused about it, although she did admit that it was “recommended” that all pregnant women get the shot in their third trimester, and was safe to get in your third trimester. I’ve done a bit more research on it, and think that I will go ahead with getting the shot from my family doctor. Just to keep things interesting, we’ve also learned that Matt had this shot as a baby (as we all did) and was allergic to it and had a crazy reaction to it……….so of course, that’s now stressing me out a bit as well. Anyways, I’m putting my faith in the medical system and in my family doctor, and if she tells me that it’s okay to get it, then get it I shall.

Apart from some minor issues with my blood pressure (chronically low low low), I think that’s all to report from this week. I was feeling kind of crappy on Sunday morning after teaching a BodyPump class, so we took a drive over to Shoppers Drug Mart to measure my blood pressure, and it came in at 99 / 54; on the low side for sure. I find when my blood pressure gets low I start to feel a bit woozy and dizzy, so I’ve been trying to stay on top of my fluids as much as I can to help keep it up where it should be. No salmon episodes to report; thank goodness!

We are going camping this weekend with Matt’s brother Neil and his girlfriend Kaitlyn (at 29.5 weeks – I must be out of my tree) – and my number one concern (of course): getting enough food. Dear god. I’ll be the one with my pockets stuffed full of snacks all weekend long…..just in case 😉

Hey, maybe there will be an ice cream chest with Nestle Drumsticks at the lodge?!??!

Have a great week – wish Babe and I luck in the great outdoors!! If his Daddy has anything to say about it, our little man will be spending a lot of his life out in the woods, so I guess it’s only fitting that we introduce him at a young age!!

-Sara & Babe xo




27 Weeks


Hello from our guestroom (aka the new home of our full length mirror now that Babe’s room has been setup in the old office)! I thought that I was alone for this selfie, but it turns out that a certain someone was lurking just behind the bump…..

Hi Blake!

My parents and brothers and Matt’s parents have all been on vacation in Lebanon for the past two weeks, and we’ve been looking after my little panther fur ball which has been nice (except that he seems to really hate poor Matt for some reason – which I’ll chalk up to jealousy). He chased the poor guy all around the living room earlier this week hissing and swatting at his feet!

Sheesh Matt puts up with a lot…….!!

We had our last “monthly” midwife appointment right at the start of week 27, with my primary midwife this time, who I really like. We got to talk a bit more about my salmon episode from 24 weeks, and she made me feel so much better about the whole thing, and reassured me that a lot of people had been coming in to them with major gastrointestinal issues, and that although passing out is super scary, it won’t affect Babe if it’s just for a short moment.

We also talked a bit about hair colouring (which she assured me was fine to do, but I’m still wrestling with myself over it….I hate the mousy brown colour that my hair is going with months of no highlights, but also hate the thought of Babe being around the chemicals for 3 hours….sigh….) and cord blood banking (which I brought up because it’s a topic of super interest to me given our family’s history with blood cancer / stem cell transplants).

At this appointment, we also talked a bit about pre-term labour and signs that I should be  on the watch for. This is something that’s weighed very heavily on my mind from the very start of my pregnancy, as several very close friends of Matt and mine have delivered their sweet babes early, so she really didn’t give me any new information that Dr. Google hadn’t already told me about. I guess all I can say is that I’m placing my trust in Mother Nature and in the universe; Babe will come into the world on his own schedule, whenever that may be, and we are grateful for every day that he gets to snuggle in close to me in there!

This week was the very first time that I felt any anxiety or nerves over actual labour / delivery itself. Up until this point, I’ve been pretty chill about the whole thing, promising myself that I would go in as educated and prepared as I could, but with very few pre-set expectations. Lord knows that even if I went in with a best-laid “Sara plan”, most likely it would all go to hell within 5 minutes anyways, and that would only frustrate me more.

Enter Stage Left: winging it.



Anyways – brief anxiety episode aside, I’ve put the whole thing out of my mind for now, figuring we have some time before we get to that bridge, and worrying about it now won’t do any good.

It was a pretty uneventful weekend, Matt and I did a bunch more purging / cleaning, including a total overhaul of our storage room (OMG – such a difference, I’m in love with our basement / storage room right now!). We’ve pretty much nested our entire house top to bottom now, so I said to Matt that we’re going to need to find a new hobby for our weekends…..there’s nothing left to purge!!

Symptom-wise, I’ve been feeling pretty good, but definitely noticing an increase in back pain (specifically my upper / mid back) as the day goes on, and sometimes it’s hard to find a comfortable way to sit / lie. My belly is growing like MAD now (I can’t believe the change from 26 weeks – now!), and I think the extra weight / diameter is throwing things off a bit! I’m a bit afraid of HOW big my belly will grow LOL….I’ve been on the small side for most of this pregnancy, but feel like I’m on an uncontrollable growth spurt now and GET OUTTA MY WAY, because I’ll over-take you all! LOL.

The gym has become increasingly more and more uncomfortable, with the exception of BodyPump, which is still feeling fine. I’m just about finished teaching BodyStep for this pregnancy unfortunately, but am planning to get at least 1 – 2 more classes in to teach the new release (which launches next Tuesday!) before I hang up my stepping shoes for a few months. Sigh.

Even though I am bummed to not be teaching anymore cardio classes for this pregnancy, I’m also kind of looking forward to the chance to do some more experimenting with other low-impact classes and different types of workouts as well. I just have to make sure that I don’t get too lazy without the added incentive that I have to be at the gym to teach!

My appetite has still been VORACIOUS, and I’m eating my weight in food every day it feels like (no easy feat when your weight is sky-rocketing the way mine is!!!). I’ve been pretty happy with the balance of foods I’ve been getting in, and am trying to stay pretty chill about the weight / belly gain (okay, okay, I can cool it with the treats a bit….but just a bit ;)). I’ve also told Matt that at some point in this pregnancy, we’re going to McDonalds. Yea McDonalds, like….yellow arches, red fry boxes. And I’m getting a McChicken. AND my own fries. My very own fries! I haven’t eaten at McDonalds in probably 10+ years, but I’m cashing in this pregnancy thing and we’re doing it at some point for sure. Matt’s suggestion is that we wait until I’m even more huge and uncomfortable, and in need a morale boost. LOL.

Sleeping has been pretty good, although I definitely feel a bit more uncomfortable finding a good position. Once I get to sleep though, I’m out for the night, which is good. My energy levels have been pretty good overall as well (I thought that they were dropping way off a few weeks back – and really worried that that was going to be it for my second trimester energy burst, but nope, seems to be back and doing okay for now!).

Well – that’s all from this uneventful week! Our families are home safe and sound, and Matt’s parents left for home today, so our house is feeling awfully quiet again! We’ve been graduated to our weekly midwife appointments now that the third trimester starts next week (29 weeks) – so we’ll be meeting with our midwife again next Tuesday. I just can’t believe it.

It’s true what they say….the days are long, but the weeks / months / years are short.

Have a great week all!

-Sara & Babe xo



26 Weeks


Okay, it’s not my imagination, I really am getting rounder every day now!

This week has been a great one, but I can’t deny that I’m feeling more and more pregnant with every passing day. In general, more (minor) aches and pains, a little more fatigued, definitely larger in general and more awkward moving around and slower overall. I really can’t complain – we only have 3 months to go now – truly in the home stretch!

Since my last update, I was off for 4 days for the Canada Day long weekend and O.M.G you guys, we got SO.MUCH.DONE. I am so wildly proud of Matt and I for the amount of stuff that we managed to get done this weekend – it was actually a little bit insane!

For starters, when I got home from work / class on Thursday night, Matt had been working his tail off all afternoon / evening on moving ALL of our office furniture out of Babe’s room and downstairs into our basement.

To this day I claim there must have been some black magic involved here, because I seriously have no idea how the hell my husband managed to move that gigantic futon and desk all by himself down two VERY twisty / windy sets of stairs.

Our basement (and really our whole upstairs with the exception of Babe’s room) was a total and complete gong show, but the important part was that the room was empty and ready for nursery furniture to arrive, which it did, the very next morning!

I guess I shouldn’t be so quick to accuse Matt of wizardry, because I watched the guy negotiate the gigantic dresser and crib boxes up our stairs all by himself with my own two eyes, and it made for an impressive combination of ingenuity, strength, and sheer stubborn will. I sat by offering my praise and encouragement from the sidelines.


Anyways, while Matt attached the furniture build with a vengeance, I set into the task of unpacking all of our baby shower gifts, organizing by size / stage of life / item, and discarding all of the wrapping (which saved a ton of space in the end). Seriously – little boy stuff is just to die for. I can’t handle it. We got a great mix of stuff for our baby shower, lots of cute clothes, but also lots of useful gizmos and gadgets that we will totally use once Babe arrives! I washed my first of (so, so, so) many loads of baby clothes and had them ready to fold up in the dresser once Matt was done!

We took a trip over to the dump to get rid of all of the cardboard and packaging from our shower gifts, plus some more stuff that we had purged from our closets / basement as well. We are unstoppable I tell you. Just make sure you stop us if you see us driving down the highway with our TV on top of our car in the direction of the dump.

Over the next two days, I just can’t believe how quickly the nursery came together. We’ve had bits and pieces sitting around our house for weeks now, but to see it all come together was nothing short of magical for us. We’ve gone with a blue, white and grey theme (not the most original – I know, but we like it!), and are incorporating elephants into the design for now (we decided against painting anything on the walls so that we can change this up pretty easily if we get tired of the elephants down the road). I hesitate to share pictures because we don’t have our curtains up yet, and the black curtains really throw off the colour palette of the room, but if you can imagine the pictures below with a white and grey chevron curtain instead of the black, then that will be pretty close to the finished product!


I just love our nursery already, it’s my favourite room in the house by far, and I’m guarding against clutter or anything ugly getting anywhere near it with a ferociousness I didn’t know that I possessed LOL I’ve already gone in there several times on my own and just sat rocking back and forth in the glider for a few minutes, lost deep in thought.

Ah serenity.

**As an aside – if you were wondering, our gigantic ruler was a wonderful gift from one of our close family friends at our baby shower, it came from a local garden centre!! We just love it!!

By Sunday, most of the hard work was done in the nursery. We took another trip over to the dump to get rid of some more stuff from our basement, but it was closed much to my dismay. I was kind of grumpy that the dump was closed even though it wasn’t a stat holiday and they hadn’t posted anything on their website about it being closed. Around this time, Matt started being weird, and insisted that we were going to go out for lunch to make me feel better. I was a bit confused about this because, as annoyed as I was, I didn’t think I was quite at the point where I deserved a meal out to make myself feel better (lol), and told him instead that I would just have some of our leftovers from the night before for lunch instead. I should have known better when he insisted that NO – we’re going out for lunch, that something was up…. 😉

Sure enough – when we got to the restaurant that Matt had said he wanted to try (another dead giveaway – Matt and I don’t “try new restaurants”, we’re the simplest, most easily pleased eaters you could ever imagine in your lives), A WHOLE GROUP OF MY FRIENDS FROM GOODLIFE WERE THERE TO SURPRISE ME?!!?


I was so shocked / confused that Matt literally had to push me in the direction of the table LOL – I couldn’t believe that my friends had gone to all of that trouble just to celebrate Babe and I (ESPECIALLY when they had all been at my baby shower the previous weekend!!). I’m still blown away – I have the greatest friends!!

We had a lovely lunch at Jackson’s Landing and then back to my friend Kathy’s house for some of the best damn cupcakes I’ve ever had (that one in the middle with the crumble on top??? Oh baby…..). My friend Marie-Sjaan had the great idea to cut them into quarters so that we got to try some of each one, and I’m pretty sure that I had about 10 quarters, making approximately 2.5 full-sized cupcakes, but seriously, whatevs. SO good.

My afternoon out with my friends was exactly what I needed, and I didn’t even realize it. I came home feeling so much lighter and more positive, and ready to tackle another day of purging / building…..mua ha ha ha

On Monday, we went over to Ikea and bought some shelving units for the inside of Babe’s closet to help keep his paraphernalia organized. I came up with this idea to put a shelving unit right inside part of our master bedroom closet about 5 years ago now when we first moved into our house, and I was struggling to find a solution for my gym clothes (you think they build a drawer big enough for all of ’em? Not in all the land my friends, not in all the land….).

The Ikea open-faced shelving unit in my closet is a GOD SEND – it has 6 square cubes for storage, and I separate my “Reebok tops”, “GOOD Reebok tops” (you know the ones), “non-Reebok tops”, shorts, capris & leggings, sports bras & socks into their own cube. Works like a charm. I knew that I wanted to do something similar in Babe’s closet because the system works so well for me. So off to crazy-town (I mean Ikea) we went!

Matt still won’t let me park in the pregnancy parking spots at stores (something about if I’m still teaching BodyPump, I can walk the 25 metres to the store *eye roll*) so we parked back in Timbuktu, and were in and out within 45 minutes. Impressive for a pregnant person – no?!

More building – and yes, one final trip to the dump to get rid of the cardboard / garbage, and lordy – we were toast. Exhausted, but feeling so, so happy and accomplished with ourselves, we took our “after pictures” (above) and talked about how awesome we were for probably about 10 minutes before we moved on to the next topic (LOL).

Aside from the CRAZED nesting that took place over the long weekend, I did get out to my BodyAttack class on Saturday (just to participate – and mostly low impact), and my friend Kellye’s BodyVive class on Monday morning as well. I really enjoyed BodyVive – it’s a low impact workout that incorporates strength training using the resistance tube as well, and it was absolutely perfect for what I was looking for! I got a great sweat, good burn, and still felt like I had lots of energy for the rest of my day. I’m going to try to make this a class that I get to for the rest of my pregnancy (and beyond!) for sure!

My appetite is still similar to that of a bear fresh out of hibernation, and it’s showing, I feel like I’m gaining weight faster then I can say “gaining weight”, but all I can say is that I’m doing my best, trying to balance my diet as best I can, and get lots of water, fruit and veggies into me each day. My stomach has been well-behaved this week, thank you God.

We have our 27 week midwife appointment tomorrow – and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to chat with her a bit about my last salmon episode, and a couple of other things on my mind as well. I can’t get my head around the fact that we are entering the third trimester next week…..it feels like 3 weeks ago that I announced to the world that we were 16 weeks along. How time flies.

To my teacher friends or those that are off for the Summer – I hope you’re having a wonderful start to your vacations! Have a great week all – Babe and I will chat with you soon!

-Sara & Babe xo