25 Weeks


Woo! Finally some colour!

I’ve realized that I’m just not very good at snapping these bump pics from the side, I never seem to get quite the right angle to show off the bump, and I’ve been wearing quite a few loose / flowy tops and dresses these days that don’t really do Babe justice.

Rest assured – even if it isn’t overly visible in pictures, I can promise you, the bump is real. 

This week was another roller coaster of ups and downs, highs and lows, and another week of pretty extreme emotion swings for me.

I was feeling 95% better from my 24-week salmon escapade by Wednesday and Thursday of last week, and was back to eating as normally as I could. Unfortunately, I think I over-did it a bit on Thursday, and had another miserable night on Thursday night writhing with twisting stomach pains. I never did end up throwing up, but my stomach was just a mess, and eating was next to impossible again.


I was too sick to go in to work on Friday, and felt really guilty all day about work in general, as I really hadn’t been myself all week and my productivity had probably been only about 25% of what it normally is. By the afternoon, I absolutely forced myself to have some dry toast to eat, got about half of a Gatorade down, and made myself go out to do a couple of quick errands with the idea that maybe moving around a little bit would help things somewhat.

For once, I was actually right, and after getting my eyebrows done and picking up our car seat (which had come in at Snuggle Bugz – YAY!), I was starting to feel a little bit better – though still not close to “well”.

My family from Sault Ste. Marie had started to arrive at my mom’s house for our baby shower on Sunday, and Matt was busy recording a podcast for a few hours on Friday night, so his dad Roy and I went over to my parent’s house to visit with my Grandma and my Aunt / Uncle / Cousin for a few hours.

It was nice to see everyone, and plans seemed to be coming together for the baby shower, but it was hard for me to be too excited about the weekend when  my stomach was still feeling so sick. I (once again) said a gigantic thank you to the pregnancy gods for giving me a smooth first trimester, free of morning sickness – I just don’t know how pregnant mamas survive weeks on end of that!

Saturday was Matt’s best friend’s brother’s wedding, and I made the (foolish) mistake of not really thinking about a dress to wear to the wedding until the morning of – thinking that I had a couple of flowy options that would work fine. Turns out that when I tried said flowy options on, they looked more “nightgown” then “wedding”, and I went into panic mode trying to find one of my non-maternity dresses that would still fit.

It took me, Matt, our dresser, some cooking oil and some elbow grease, but we finally shoe-horned me into this (non-maternity) black dress, and off we went.


The wedding was beautiful, and my stomach was feeling a little bit better then the previous day, plus we had a couple of hour break in between the ceremony and the reception to come home and hang out for a bit, which was nice. I just couldn’t bring myself to squeeze myself back into the way-too-tight black dress for the reception, so went with a more flowy floral dress that I’ve been wearing to work (totally not formal enough for a wedding – but at this point, it was the best I could do!).

I had a hard time with the dinner at the reception because I was worried about my stomach, so didn’t really end up eating much of anything the entire night, and much to Matt’s dismay, was feeling like I really needed to go home and lie down by about 11pm. It was baby shower day on Sunday and I desperately wanted to be feeling as close to 100% as possible!

Sunday dawned clear, beautiful and sunny, but I was wary because the weather forecast called for thunderstorms to start right around the time of our photo shoot. I had initially scheduled the photo shoot for our entire family, but it was becoming clear over the course of the week that it just wasn’t going to be feasible to get everyone together in the two hours before the shower, so we decided that Matt and I would do a mini-maternity session instead (before I get too giant and potentially wouldn’t really want pictures of myself anyways).

I got my hair done at a blow-dry bar in Oakville, and it felt nice to get a bit glammed-up after my so un-glamorous week, but as luck would have it, while she was putting the finishing hairspray touches on my curls, the heavens opened up and thunderstorms rolled in like a herd of rampaging bulls.


Sensing my utter dismay, the poor Asian girl who did my hair for me escorted me out to my car with a huge umbrella and got soaking wet herself trying to protect my hair as I got into the car – so sweet!

It was about a 15 minute drive over to the photo shoot location from the blow-dry bar and I summoned all of the positive karma I could during that drive pleading with the weather gods to stop the rain. Miraculously, it worked, and by the time I got to the gardens that we were shooting at, the rain had stopped, and although things were wet, the sun was actually starting to peek back out!

We met our photographer (who was lovely), and spent about 45 minutes taking some maternity photos in the gardens. I’m not totally sure how they will turn out to be honest, I’m really not loving how I’m looking these days, and just not feeling overly comfortable in my own skin, so not sure how that will translate in front of the camera, but regardless, at least we have some nice photos to document the pregnancy along the way (better then my weak attempts at bump selfies!); and some photos of Matt as well!


(this is a cheesy iPhone pic – not a professional pic ;-))

The shower was wonderful, but was a bit of a blur to be honest! I do remember feeling pretty frustrated in the hour beforehand that things weren’t ready, people were frantically running around, and the photos that I had planned to take of our entire families never really came to fruition. I fully acknowledge that I’m a bit anal when it comes to planning and logistics, and I like things done a certain way (you know….my way! ;)). I also know that I’d be a much more chill person if I could adopt Matt’s Golden Retriever mentality and let more stuff go. C’est la vie!

In any case, thank god I was feeling pretty good for the shower, although I did miss out on the best looking taco bar ever because I just didn’t trust my stomach! We got totally spoiled with tons of gifts and lots of love and support from our friends and family, and it really was just an awesome afternoon surrounded by the people that we love the most. Our photographer stuck around to take candid shots for about an hour during the shower, so once I receive those, I’ll come back and update this post with a few pictures!

Although I was finally feeling better physically, Monday and Tuesday were stressful days, and my emotions were way out of whack. Most notably, my patience was at an all-time low, and everything that didn’t go 100% as I expected it to (even stupid things like the light changing from green to red at the wrong time) really irritated me and weighed on me for hours. I was also much more emotionally charged then I usually am, and everything (including loading my dishwasher) just seemed overwhelming and too much to ask of me in any given moment.

I know that hormone fluctuations (once again) are likely to blame, and I’m feeling much more level-headed today thank goodness, so until the next appearance of irrational Sara….here’s hoping that this train stays away from crazy-town!

We have SO much to do at the house this weekend, nesting ninja needs to come back out in full force to start organizing all of our shower gifts, plus we have our nursery room furniture being delivered on Friday!! Now that our house is empty again (Matt’s parents are in Lebanon with my family right now!), we are going to start emptying out Babe’s room of the office furniture to make room for it all to be setup! EXCITING! Once the nursery starts to take shape, I’ll be sure to share some pics!

For now, I’m in countdown mode until the long weekend, I’m off on Friday so only one more day to go! A big happy birthday to Canada – 150 years old and lookin’ damn fine!

Have a great week all!

-Sara & Babe xo







24 Weeks


Here we go again with the dark clothing!! I promise lighter and brighter thoughts are on the way!!

Now that I have most of my basic maternity clothing items, I’m steering more in the direction of “dual-use” non-maternity pieces that I can get away with for the rest of my pregnancy, but then wear again after I’m pregnant. This particular dress was one that I picked up at Ann Taylor on the weekend, and one that I hope will look much more flattering once I’m not rocking a watermelon in front of me LOL

24 weeks WAS moving along relatively smoothly for Babe and I, until Sunday of the weekend when we hit a small but significant stumbling block!

I woke up on Sunday feeling major queasiness and just an uncomfortable tension in my stomach. A bit hard to describe, and I wasn’t sure if it was my actual stomach that was queasy, or if it was some sort of pregnancy-related tension / air build-up in my stomach that was throwing me off. In any case, I really didn’t feel great, but made myself go and take my friend Meaghan’s BodyPump class anyways as I had missed a workout on Saturday and was feeling like I needed to move.

The funny thing with the queasiness / tension was that it seemed to kind of come and go, I would go an hour without feeling anything, but then another hour feeling constantly queasy. I’ve been SO super lucky with this pregnancy to not really have had any nausea or upset stomach at all so far, so this was all very abnormal for Babe and I. Neither of us liked it very much. Glad we’ve worked out this whole “no morning sickness” deal Babe. Fist bump.

Sunday was Fathers Day, and we had plans to go out to Niagara Falls for the afternoon with my Dad and then out for dinner in Niagara later that evening. Matt was actually out of town this entire weekend on a canoe trip with his brother Neil, so I didn’t get to see him until late Sunday night when he got back.

I fought with the queasiness / tension in my belly all day long in Niagara; never really feeling 100% better. By the time we got to dinner, I was really feeling awful and just knew that me eating anything wouldn’t bode well for the car ride back home, so I just had a few bites of a garden salad (what a crying shame – we were at the BEST Brazilian Steakhouse!!) and even that didn’t sit well with my stomach. The car ride home was misery, and I spent most of it with my head inside a Ralph Lauren shopping bag feeling like I was going to throw up at any second. Thankfully, for those in the car anyways, I didn’t!

By the time I got home, Matt was home and unpacking from his canoe trip, and I had some Fathers Day gifts laid out for him, but I was feeling so terrible that I could hardly acknowledge the poor guy on my way to the couch to curl up in the fetal position. The tension in my belly had evolved to twisting pains, and I knew I was going to be sick at any moment. We called my midwives hotline and she suggested that I take a ginger Graval and try to get some sleep; which all sounded good in theory! I popped one Graval, but woke up about 20 minutes later puking my guts out. Lovely!

I threw up about 4 times and somehow made it upstairs to bed, but was up all night long (and I do mean all. night. long) with the same twisting stomach pains that I had had before the first puke-episode. I knew that I was doomed for Round 2. Around 5 in the morning, Matt got up for work to find me wide awake, writhing in pain with my pathetic little bucket.

Side note: I still can’t believe the guy gets up at 5am to go to work after going to bed at the same time that I do every night, that is some serious dedication right there.

He took one look at my pathetic little set-up and we assessed that maybe he better stay home for a few more hours to make sure that nothing crazy happened with Babe and I before he went in.

Sheesh – thank you god for instincts on that one.

I was puking my guts out again within 45 minutes, but this time, had a similar episode to my previous bout of food poisoning last year and actually passed out cold right in the middle of the whole episode. In a pool of my own vomit. Yikes.

Poor Matt was terrified (as he was the last time that this happened), but because it wasn’t the first time that it had happened, he also knew what to expect. After yelling my name for about 10 seconds, I apparently came to, with zero recollection of what had happened.

Alright, time for a funny side-story to lighten the mood around here! Last year when I passed out (twice in that episode last year actually), when all was said and done, Matt and I were re-hashing the whole mess and came up with the analogy that when I pass out, I look something like a gutted salmon at the grocery store ready to be wrapped up and handed off to a hungry family. Something to do with how wide my eyes get and how my body straightens out completely. LOL.


For the past year, whenever we (affectionately) look back at that passing out episode, we refer to it as “that time that I / Sara turned into a salmon”. LOL – call us crazy, but we think we’re hilarious.

Anyways – so there I was in full on “salmon-mode”, and Matt made the executive call that we were going to the hospital. No more messing around with hotlines or anecdotal internet advice. I was able to get up and into the car myself thankfully, and off we went.

8.5 hours later, 2 IV bags of fluids, 1 absolutely revolting Pedialyte drink and about 100 tests later and we were finally home, no worse for wear, and reassured that Babe was doing just fine in there like the tough little muffin he is. The one up-side to the whole ordeal being that we got an extra ultrasound and got to look at Babe again, who is still in there with his legs crossed exactly like he was back at our anatomy scan! Little monkey has found a comfy spot and he ain’t movin’! He also reaffirmed his hatred for ultrasounds / doppler machines by kicking the ultrasound technicians wand so hard that she actually jumped in her chair LOL – apparently he’s really not a fan of the frequency that the machines give off!

Anyways – all’s well that ends well, and thank goodness Babe and I are back to just about 100% today, I haven’t had any more stomach pain or nausea and have kept all food down for nearly 36 hours. Operation rehydrate has commenced.

If I rewind a bit back to before the disastrous Sunday – Monday fiasco, it was actually a very productive weekend, nesting ninja was in full effect, and I managed to get another two garbage bags of clothes off to donation, and move all of my clothes out of Babe’s closet and over into our guestroom closet, so we now have one completely empty closet ready to store Babe’s things! Woohoo – sweet, sweet victory!

I don’t want to start putting things away in the closet until I have some kind of organization system going, so for now things are accumulating on the futon in our office. Once Matt’s family is gone next week (his parents and brothers will be at our house this week / weekend for our baby shower!), we’ll be starting the process of emptying furniture out of the office and moving it downstairs to the basement so that when the crib / other nursery furniture arrives (should be within the next 2 – 3 weeks at most!!) we can get it all moved in and set up. Things are coming together!

My energy / mobility continues to be a bit slower (as I noticed for the first time last week), and I’m just finding that I have to accept that what I used to whip through in 30 seconds now might take me 2 minutes to do instead. Case in point: the days of carrying 23 bags of groceries into the house in one load are over. I need to make a few trips now!

I’m so looking forward to this weekend for our baby shower, we’re doing a co-ed shower and a much more relaxed vibe which I think should be more “BBQ and hang out by the pool” then “official” baby shower, and I’ve also booked a photographer to do a lifestyle photo-shoot session for Matt and my entire families just before the shower as well! I’m really looking forward to it – and am very grateful that my crazy salmon-episode took place LAST Sunday, and not this COMING Sunday (the day of the shower)! Yikes!

On the agenda for this week is to re-hydrate, re-energize with some good food and just take better care of sweet little babe, he’s had a rough couple of days!

Hope you’ve all had a very “un-salmony” week!

-Sara & Babe xo




23 Weeks


Two observations:

1) I seriously need to invest in some cheerier clothing, sheesh, all of my clothes are so dark!

2) I swear this dress used to be an appropriate length for work.

This past week (23 weeks) has been a major “transition” week for babe and I in the sense that it’s the first week of the pregnancy so far that I’ve actually felt pregnant. I’ve been getting bigger for a while now, and had some very minor symptoms, but it hasn’t been until this past week that I’ve actually noticed myself slowing down getting in and out of cars, going up and down stairs, carrying things, even laying on the couch sometimes!

It was a great run while it lasted! LOL

I’m so happy to report that my head has been in a much better place this week, and all of those overwhelming emotions from last week are long-gone. Ahh perspective.

I’ve discovered the trick to maternity clothes shopping is online, and I’ve also discovered that returning items you buy online isn’t as colossal a pain as I had built it up to be in my head. I’ve been cheerily doling out my credit card number to anyone who wants it online for the past week and have finally had some luck with a few maternity pieces!

So far, the verdict on maternity clothes is:

Maternity dresses: yes – but not too tight (nobody needs to see that much detail)

Maternity t-shirts: OH BABY YES – I love these things! The previously hated ruched cotton is a god-send, and I’m SO relieved to finally have shirts that are long enough! More, more, give me more!

Maternity pants: I hate you and always will

Maternity shorts: I hate you and will until I find the right pair. Or maybe I always will.

Lululemon non-maternity shorts: My one-true love…..I knew you wouldn’t let me down…

Lululemon non-maternity leggings: See above comment

Lululemon non-maternity cool racer back tank tops: See above comment

All I can say is it’s a darn good thing I’m pregnant in the Summer months. Much respect to pregnant mamas trying to survive the winter in pants / jeans all the time.


Nesting this week has mostly been in our backyard actually, and Matt’s been leading the charge! Back in the winter, he came up with the idea to rip out and replace our god awful, builders grade patio stones in the back and put in some nice interlocking stones.

I basically avoid our backyard at all times because it’s an untamed jungle and I just can’t deal with that nonsense (seriously, it’s enough for me to keep my house clean and somewhat organized, outdoor space = no), so was fairly indifferent to the idea at the time, but I have to admit that the guy has been working his tail off, and the finished product is one that actually makes me want to spend some time out there (you know – once the stones are all cleaned up and the furniture is back out)! Check it out!


Inside the house, I attacked the upstairs closets this weekend and gee golly it’s a behemoth of a task. Allow me to explain.

When we moved into our house 4+ years ago, I quickly monopolized the entire closet in our master bedroom (allocating poor Matt a tiny fraction of the closet space for his nice shirts and suits), and soon found myself busting at the seams even while using both sides of the “his and hers” closet. I struggled along for a few months before deciding, to hell with it, I’ll just use the closet in the office as well!


So now – we’re at the point where I’m busting at the seams in essentially THREE FULL CLOSETS, and shit has just gotten WAY out of control. Our guest bedroom closet is still empty (at least from clothes), but there are tons of odds and ends stored in there (suitcases, our vacuum cleaner, duvets etc etc). SO the master plan is:

  1. Sara to get her life together and purge half of her clothes so that they fit in the master closet and PART of the guestroom closet
  2. Free up the office closet completely for babe’s clothes, and all of his paraphernalia to be stored in one place
  3. Purge / organize the stuff currently in the guestroom closet to make room for Sara’s extra clothes

Sounds simple in theory, but my god there’s a lot of stuff in those closets (the office one in particular is the biggest gong show – I literally found an old Halloween ceramic house in there that I had bought at some point and never got around to putting out…..). I took a first run at it on Saturday with the intention of getting it all done in one day, but tired quickly and only made it through a partial purge of the office / guestroom closets and one trip to the dump………it’s a work in progress.

Apart from nesting, the other biggest change this past week has been in my appetite.

You guys. I am unstoppable.

When my brother was going through his cancer treatment, at one point they put him on steroids to boost up his body in preparation for the incredibly invasive and grueling stem cell transplant that he needed. When he was on the steroids, he once said to me “Sara, the sky is the limit, there is no limit to how much I can eat!” He was eating about 8 full meals a day – and his stomach would still ache with hunger pains!

Friends, this is how I’m feeling these days.

I no sooner finish eating then I’m planning the next meal or snack or whatever it may be. I am out of control! I attribute this partially to what Baby Centre tells me is a baby growth spurt around this time in the pregnancy, and partially to the fact that I just like eating and food is yummy. I need to seriously get it together though, I know it isn’t good for babe or for me to be eating too much.

Wah wah wah.

My last update from this week was that we had our 24 week midwife check-in on Monday (right at the tail-end of 23 weeks), and got our requisition for my gestational diabetes screening test, which I’ll be doing this weekend. I’m a bit petrified that this will come back positive, and will mean the end of my sugar consumption for the rest of the pregnancy (HORROR OF ALL HORRORS). Think un-sugary thoughts for me this weekend, will you?

Babe was being a little monkey at our midwife appointment and was scurrying all over my belly trying to get away from the Doppler machine (the little handheld unit that they use to listen to the heartbeat). Apparently the midwife could actually SEE babe through my skin scurrying around! He’s clocking in around 1.3 – 1.5 pounds this week, and is roughly the length of an ear of corn (says Baby Centre)….we’re getting there!

Overwhelming emotion of the week is gratitude. So many of my friends and family members are dealing with real hardship and struggle right now, and I really can’t put into words the gratitude that things have gone so well for us to this point.

See you on the other side of 6 months! Crazy daisy!

-Sara & Babe xo



22 Weeks


Hi Friends,

It feels these days like every day I wake up and my belly is a little bit bigger then it was the day before! Some days I swear it even gets bigger over the course of the day!

22 weeks was one of the most challenging weeks in this pregnancy to date (excluding some of those god awful early weeks when I had that hellish flu bug for 7 weeks straight of course). I’m so glad to be saying goodbye to this week and moving on to 23 and beyond.

Over this past weekend I took a trip to Thyme Maternity to look for some maternity clothes, but walked out without a single thing, feeling so frustrated by the cheesy empire-waisted EVERYTHING and the ruched cotton EVERYTHING. I left feeling so down about myself and my body; I haven’t felt like this much of a slob since my awkward teen years.

This mama is in total denial and is digging in her heels on the whole “need to buy maternity clothes” thing, but today with my ill-fitting pants and too-short-shirt, I basically have my belly hanging out at work and look like I should be propped up against a saggy chicken-wire fence with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

It’s time Sara. It’s time.

The Gap has been mildly better for maternity clothes, but you can only order their maternity stuff online, which means you can’t try anything on (which is how I ended up with said ill-fitting, trailer park pants that I’m currently wearing lol). I may try my luck at Old Navy this weekend, as one of the only maternity items that I actually like is my plain black t-shirt dress. Maybe I can just get 10 more of those, and make it through the next 3.5 months. A girl can dream, right?

One productive thing that we did manage to get done over the weekend was to pick out and buy our crib mattress! What I thought would be a super-easy decision turned into quite a discussion in the store! Who knew that there were so many options! I was pleased with our decision, and in general have been pleased that I’ve managed to keep a pretty rational head about all of this baby stuff. It’s easy to get sucked into thinking that you need to spend thousands of dollars on everything, but when you step back and really think about it, I’ve been pretty happy with my ability to spot a gimmick and make a more reasonable choice (in most cases – baby bathtub aside ;)).

Aside from the maternity clothes crisis of 2017, my head just wasn’t in a great place over the weekend. Anxiety was high, self-esteem extremely low, and I was just feeling extremely down and emotional. I know this is probably just pregnancy hormones at work – but say that to my face and I can’t promise that I won’t punch you 😉

Work has been stressful the past several weeks / months too, and I just can’t wait to start my maternity leave and get out of here. I know the stress and the environment here isn’t good for me or for babe, so I’m trying my best to limit how much things get to me and adopt the whole “water off a ducks back” mentality. Much easier said than done.

Quack quack.

I had some scary symptoms earlier this week that drove me to call my midwives hotline in tears saying that I thought I should come into the hospital. They were very sweet and kind to me, asked me lots of questions and spent over a half hour on the phone with me reassuring me that from what I was describing, it didn’t sound like anything serious, and that babe would be just fine. I have my next midwife appointment on Monday June 12th, so I’m really looking forward to that and to chatting some more with my midwife about the whole episode (which in hindsight, and with a clearer head, really wasn’t a big deal at all).

SO – all in all, not the best week of the pregnancy to date, but I’m DETERMINED that 23 will be a better week. I’m already 2 days in and am feeling much better and clearer-headed about things. We are planning to do some shopping for a glider chair this weekend, and I’d love to make a final decision on that (we’ve been looking for a while!), and I’d love to take another run at our basement and see if we can get another 100 pounds of stuff out of it too.

Food-wise, I’ve been eating oooookay….although I did cave and eat half a box of Kraft Dinner yesterday (but technically that was in 23 weeks – so that’s a sin I don’t have to account for until next week ;-))….DAMN that stuff is good. Whoever said that a box of that stuff should feed a family of 4 people was dreadfully off course….Matt was lucky that he got to keep his half of the box.

I have my eye on our upcoming baby shower at the end of June – I’m so excited to see everyone!! I’ve also planned a lifestyle photo shoot with our family members from out of town for before the shower, and am really looking forward to that too!! I’m hoping that the next two weeks speed on by!!

Well – babe and I will sign off for now, hope that you all enjoy the sun and a great weekend ahead – sending you best wishes for a clear head and a light heart!


-Sara & Babe xo